Acquiring Stuff

I have to introduce you to my latest big success.  I found this one day on my walk home from my bus drop-off point.  For several weeks, I’d tracked a ‘for sale’ sign in front of a house.  Then, the sign disappeared and people showed up.  Days later, the garage filled with new appliances and cabinets.  On my walk home, I spotted my prize sitting on the curb for haul-away.

One quick question to the soon-to-be-non-owner was, “Does it work?”  The guy said yes, and also bent to my effervescent personality when I asked if I could have it for the cost of hauling it away.  Total win.

Thank the old gods and the new that this happened on a Friday.  Because, like all y’all, I love nothing better than to spend my Friday night cleaning out one of these beasts, sometimes with bleach and Q-tips (mold issues)(gag).  In the end, the effort was worth it, even my half-thrown lower back from trying to lift this beast, or at least slide-dragpush it in and out of the Blazer / War Wagon (yes, I’m still driving that P.O.S.).

You should know this acquisition filled a gap in appliances that we here at Chez Rants identified months ago.  We deliberated over how much to spend on a new model, or whether to go with a smaller one.  We even considered being murdered and then raped by trying Craigslist.

My keen eye and persuasive nature prevailed.  Also, I have no shame, so even dumpster-diving for quality bits of wood is not beyond me.  I displayed my trophy to my wife with pride.  It was clean, smelled like bleach and ready for work.

The next day and a trip to the source of all parking frustration known as WalMart for an extra extension cord later, I plugged it in and fired it up.  It functioned perfectly, when wired into the ceiling plug not hooked to the damn light switch.

Now my quest turned to a good sale, and one on my favorite drug of choice.  Being a shitty beer bloodhound, I found one, and more work ensued.  Through a sweaty, humid afternoon in the South, I ripped, hefted and worked.  I also donated blood to the Neighborhood Mosquito Blood Bank.  Yay.

Here’s the result:

This.  Just.  This.

This. Just. This.

I have no idea why my wife was less than thrilled with the end result.  I mean, who doesn’t need an extra refrigerator in the garage?  Seriously.

PS – the thermometer (free with non-purchase) reads 33°.  Hell yes.

46 Responses to “Acquiring Stuff”

  1. That’s a whole lot of beer, Rants. The amount someone might store if they knew some kind of apocalypse was heading his way. Someone who works in the Pentagon, perhaps.


  2. Great score! Looks like it’ll hold enough for a day or two. You have two reefers in the garage? Shoot, just tell her about my neighbor; he’s got four, one for meat, three for beer.

    Reminds me of that old joke; Got a used computer for my girlfriend…. Great trade!….

    Now all you need is a dog who will fetch the beers….

    Enjoy the rest of the summer; you’ve got the tools…. 😉


  3. Nice. And I see the fridge is filled with that most critical of items…beer. Bravo Zulu!

  4. Total win, dude.

  5. Fabulous, great story, great find. You never know: my motto has always been ( be prepared). Lol

  6. I have considered a second refrigerator for beer, but it might significantly reduce my life expectancy. I have absolutely no system for the rate at which I consume whatever beer is in the house. If I have two beers in the fridge, that will be the amount I end up drinking tonight. If I have sixty beers in the fridge, that will be the amount I end up drinking tonight. The answer is to only have two beers in the fridge.

  7. The only thing I would add is perhaps a bottle or two of rum on the door, there’s room!

  8. Job well done.

  9. Brits may drink good micro-brewery beer, but they drink it piss-warm. Lots of Americans aren’t much better. The bar in my home town served the coldest beer in Southern Ontario – and it was only 35 deg. If I come to visit, I’ll ship a case of real Canadian beer to chill. We got a new one, with 6.4% alcohol. 😉

  10. It looks like Rants has the first requirement of the “lost weekend”, a fridge full of beer. Now, I can just see him sitting in the front of his garage, with the door open watching the world go by, so as not to be too far from the refreshments. 😉

  11. only messing der boss, thats a cracker of a job there hi, and full to the gills with beers, sure there’s noubt wrong with that hi. Hard tae bate sah !

  12. It’s a thing of beauty.

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