Random Thought #69


Why no electrons?!

We can slingshot a probe around Jupiter to take pictures of Pluto, send one to orbit a comet, and another straight the fuck out of the Solar System.  My cable company cannot arrive to fix their equipment sooner than today, after five days of no internet or cable.

34 Responses to “Random Thought #69”

  1. Um, hmm… Greed? Indifference? Maybe, just maybe, they’re fuckheads?

    At least you’ve got that massive deck to fall back on. So to speak…

    You have, of course, my empathies; been there, hated it. Since you posted, they must have finally arrived, so, perhaps a bit of revenge? Take some of your money back from them, for the time you lost online…. They hate that…

    Good luck…


  2. Cable companies are way too powerful! Even here in Canada! I’ve just gone through something similar, although I did not lose my internet.

  3. I say you start your own cable company called Rantscast!

    Imagine a channel that livestreams video from outerspace! Or a ’round the clock Star Trek channel. Or how about the “Surly” hour where you rant about…well, everything?

    Then there will be the adult channel where you air “porn” that is comprised of Abrams Tanks, the SR-71 Blackbird and Sam Elliot’s mustache.

  4. We gave the last guy a beer and before he left he gave us his home/direct number and said call him anytime and he’d make sure we’d get to the top of his repair order list. So far so good.
    (Ellis is right.)

  5. They can, but they won’t…Bwahaha..that is not laughing at you…boo cable company. Hope you get it soon.

  6. Lol perfect 69 fading thought.

  7. Randstein Says:

    I would need medication for withdrawal if that happened. To avoid such trauma I maintain triple back-up internet enabled devices. We lost all services for two weeks after tornadoes wiped everything above ground out. I was forced to live like a caveman. Life was strangely quiet and peaceful. I nearly went insane.

  8. That’s cause the cable company doesn’t give a fuck. They get your money and know there’s no one else you can switch to.

  9. I love the little animated illustration of frustration. It made me laugh and I value any and all sources of laughter in my life.

  10. The Whisper Corner Says:

    The animation alone brought me to your blog haha hilarious, looks like me on a Monday morning 😛

  11. nice animation hahaha

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