Random Thought #68

Yes, I’d pick the old model in the back every time.

Fucking Sweet... the old one...

Fucking Sweet… the old one…

– – – – –

*P.S.: I owned a 1968 Mustang in high school.  It wasn’t a fastback like this one, which should be a ’66 but looks to be an impossible 64½.  Don’t trust the internet.

28 Responses to “Random Thought #68”

  1. I’m jealous. I’ve always wanted a 66 mustang. Hi- I’ve missed you!

  2. Long time, no type. Yeah, old Mustangs are the shiznit.

  3. I have a 1969 Camaro model and hot wheels version. One day may get the real thing. You can cruxify me. 1969 was a good year.

  4. I miss my stang, it’s parked at my parent’s house while we are in Japan. 😦

  5. There is certainly something awesome about the older Mustangs — a sort of class seldom achieved by newer cars of any make or model I think.

  6. I miss John Erickson.

  7. 1969?? Dude, you’re old. 😜

  8. Yep, the car pix on the internet have gotten dicey.
    (We’ve got an older red mustang sitting in the garage, I just can’t let go of even though it needs work – would trade for a 64-65 in a heartbeat.)

  9. […] recent post on BrainRants’ site regarding him preferring old Mustangs to the new ones, brought a comment about missing […]

  10. My hubby’s dream car!

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