Thank God It’s Friday

This has been one of those weeks that doesn’t seem to end.  You wake up, realize that in two hours you’ll be at work, then realize that twelve hours after that, you’ll be on your 40-minute commute home.  Somehow, the two hours of consciousness you get after that evaporates and you’re back to the Satanic bleating of your alarm the next day.  Bill Murray, anyone?  Sonny?  Cher?

Maybe because spring is definitely here, I’m thinking projects and de-shittifying my yard.  We don’t have a dog so there’s no actual poop, but you take my meaning.  General Winter, who defeated both Napoleon and Hitler, effectively cock-blocked my efforts to turn a section of clay over starting back in November.  I hope to have something like grass in the back yard, but more spadework lies ahead.

The awesome news is my deck is getting replaced.  I offered to sweat-equity that with my landlord in exchange for the cost of materials.  He about shittified his shorts when I asked – he was actually that happy.  I’m taking the deal and running, because splinters suck in general and splinters in places you can’t bend anymore to see are the spawn of Hell.  I’d never ask anyone to actually you know, touch my feet.

Should the weather turn around and screw me again, this time with liquid water, I suppose I can just stay inside and attempt to master this crucial skill:


26 Responses to “Thank God It’s Friday”

  1. TGIF! I can’t hit the Like button, it’s not working for me! Glad you’re going to get a new deck & plus you’ll know it’s done properly because you’ve done it yourself!

  2. The rubber band on the head thing is impressive but I want to know what’s going on behind him. wtf?

  3. And see I thought General Russia defeated them both…just stepping across that border is a sure fire way to get your ass kicked. I always tell my students that Napoleon should have left a sign at the border for Hitler “Don’t even think about it.” Then again they both went in in the fall because they were just that arrogant.

    Hope your building project goes smoothly and that as you build our beer can will continue to be cold and full. I wonder if my friends in Boston can see the ground yet?

  4. I will be truly impressed when you grow all that dude’s hair.

  5. I was sent here by H.E. ELLIS and was told you write in a similar vein as I do. I wanted to share with you the latest post that I wrote. It involved my own personal struggles as well as many frustrations with the VA. You’ll have to read one post back to find out some more about that. I hope you’ll stop in and take a look, from one veteran to another. Thank you for your time and consideration. Eric Waechter, CPL, USMC, Honorably Discharged

  6. Hey guys! New blogger! Be sure to check out my post!

  7. That first paragraph is like my life at the moment in a nutshell. I was nodding empathetically while reading and muttering ‘True story.’

    A little unrelated – why the look of surprise on the guy’s face after the rubber band snaps off?!


  8. Resting surprise face.

  9. travisirice Says:

    in 12 hours ill have 12 hours left

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