Winter… It Still Sucks Balls

I’m not used to this new climate, location or anything related to shit that falls out of the sky by ‘normal’ definition.  In spite of that, I’m pissed… I know, big news, right?  Anyway, I’ve watched snow fall all goddamn fucking day.  It’s gone from dry, tiny dust snow to big, clumpy flake snow… and now it’s shitty, shitty and shitty dots of frozen fucking water.  Basically, it’s “nice” sleet. Fuck that. Why?  Because my barbecue grill has a fucking white hat: 20150221_152453 The only good news is, these two backyard sites will go undisturbed for a while.  Hopefully seven years.  By that time, my daughter will be over 21. 20150221_152515 20150221_152504   Statute of limitations, yo.

52 Responses to “Winter… It Still Sucks Balls”

  1. I feel your pain! I grew up in Northern Canada and suffered through 22 years of aggressive snowfall. It can really cause some unfathomable angst and malignant despair!

  2. Quit yer whining already!!! Frickin -29 celsius here lately and the snow so deep ya gotta wear snowshoes or you’ll disappear until spring. Geez…

  3. I have been complaining all February that the weather here in Ontario, Canada has been cold until a friend of mine sent me a pic of his thermometer Now I’m happy to shovel and freeze.

  4. Winter is winter. Normal challenges…feet of snow, below zero temps. Part of life. You have a daughter? Learn something new every day. I thought you had a son. K Nuff of the probing questions.

  5. I love weather and understand it more than many people because you have to have a feel for the physics and local mechanics that influence it.

  6. Wait…you have spawn?

  7. It’s supposed to be between -30 to -40 counting the windchill.. ah Canada. Plus, we live in a snowbelt. 😛

  8. BR.

    I can’t say I feel your pain; it’s beautifully sunny, 65F, and slightly windy here today by the SF Bay… I understand you live(d) in SoCal… whatever possessed you to move anywhere it snows?

    Personally, unless I’m pressed hard, I don’t do snow, at all… Been there, done that, I’m done, so I stay south of the 36th degree of longitude, and far enough from the mountains to avoid the snow there…

    Just wonderin’ why you choose to live there… though, I know people have as many reasons for doing stuff as there are people…. which, by now, is WAY too many…

    Not that I don’t enjoy the ranting….

    gigoid, the dubious…. and warm…


  9. My advice? Get the kid to shovel the snow. Then head over to gigoid’s place for a mid-winter beach party!

  10. Time to invest in a snowmobile my friend. It’s the only way to survive.

  11. Parole, eh? Funny. One of our contributors was on probation in California, skipped it, and is now on Felony probation in Ohio and therefore resides in a snow belt as well. He’s stuck there until his probation is up. There are no easy ways out…

  12. Worse winter ever up there. School’s going to be in session until July at this rate.
    (Beginning to feel like that movie The Shining yet?)

  13. themacmind Says:

    Late to to thread – but still tons of snow on the ground here in New England – mother nature deserves a kick in the seat.

  14. Your “white shit” is very pretty! We didn’t get enough snow for “pretty” this year.

  15. […] carpenter that I am, I promptly hammered the standing nails and bandaged my toe.  In the meantime, winter came and went, the wood eroded more and the nails sprung back […]

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