Flash Fiction – 9th Ed.

I’ve had automobiles on my mind recently since it’s that time of year to take care of registration.  We’re enjoying the thrills of state inspections and retitling, so hooray for us.  Standing in line at the DMV provided me a lot of time to consider this flash offering.  It’s not strictly Science Fiction, but you might call it speculative historical fiction.  Or something like that.

In other news, I’ve added a page that highlights any and all writing I’m doing.  Go here.

If you want to participate in the Friday Fictioneer activities (because this is the internet, and there’s so much room for activities here!), head over to Rochelle’s Purple Blog and check out her digs.

The rules are simple: create a 100-word (more or less) work with a general plot.  Include the photo with an appropriate citation, because that’s considered appropriate and civilized.

Copyright: Ted Strutz

Copyright: Ted Strutz


Hank unplugged the bulky contraption and started it.  The machine hummed but made no cloud of exhaust.

“See, Granddad, it runs on batteries alone,” Hank said.

The dour old man’s expression soured even more.  His gaze fell on his grandson.

“Ridiculous,” the older man said.

“It’s a prototype,” Hank explained, “We can refine the design.”

“Pfft,” the old man said, “Who would ever want to buy an electric car, Hank?  You’d do much better to name a model after your father.”

Hank coiled the cord and followed his grandfather out of the garage.

(93 words)

– – – – –

Critique and general abuse are all welcome.  Use the comment button/box below and share your ideas for improvement.

28 Responses to “Flash Fiction – 9th Ed.”

  1. Great takes, Rants. Nicely written. This is my first glance at the picture…an electrical switch. What is this? Wait, don’t tell me. I’ll come up with something.

  2. i think you don’t need the word “in” in the first sentence.

    I think “Hank” is really “Henry,” as in Mr. Ford?

  3. Interesting.. actually I would call it history.. many of the earliest cars were electric.. and maybe if oil industries had not pushed us there it would have been different.

  4. I’d buy Hanks electric car, oh yes I would.

  5. The “after your father” reference is lost on me, but I figured this was Henry Ford or similar and grandpa’s interference as set us on the path to … wherever it is we’re going.

  6. I like how you saw the plug and cord and thought “car.” Very SciFi indeed.

  7. I assumed that he was a Ford, but thought maybe he was a Tesla, going with the electric car theme. Nice take.

  8. And so the way of many inventors….

  9. Love the interaction and dialog. Well done.

  10. Dear BR,

    A fine lesson and puzzle for us automotive sleuths. Very well done.



  11. Dear BR,

    Ah Bach. An electric car named after Edsel? I don’t think Ford will go that route again. At any rate the sad thing is that Henry Ford drove his son Edsel to an early grave.

    Nice piece of fiction no matter what you call it.



  12. I love this. Just imagine he’d gone with electric!

  13. Isn’t all historical fiction speculative? Catchy story – I like what ifs.

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