Flash Fiction – 8th Ed.

This flash fiction photo prompt caused a quick piece to just jump right into my head.  No surprises here, I suppose – it’s Science Fiction.  The good news is you get a break from my other main theme of these, which is “fucking creepy” (based on user feedback).  In other good news, I’ve finished the story outline for another writing project far longer than 100 words.  More like 80,000 of them, but I digress.

If you want to participate in the Friday Fictioneer activities (because this is the internet, and there’s so much room for activities here!), head over to Rochelle’s Purple Blog and check out her digs.

The rules are simple: create a 100-word (more or less) work with a general plot.  Include the photo with an appropriate citation, because Michelle associates with actual professionals and such, unlike yours truly who pulls shit out of his ass, or out of his smartphone.

Copyright: Georgia Koch

Copyright: Georgia Koch


The Captain bided his time.  He had to be patient.  The tiny boat would be ready to drop from the ship at any moment.  Until then, he waited.

He remembered back to childhood.  His father would often meet him at the pier in a similar craft.  Small, wooden, and created by expert boatwrights, it withstood squalls and calm trips from Father’s big ship.  Sometimes, Father took him out on the glassy bay’s waters while Mother slept.

The small craft jostled and the retro packs fired.  The Captain looked upon a new planet.  He wondered if Father would be proud.

(99 words)

– – – – –

Critique and general abuse are all welcome.  Use the comment button/box below and share your insights.

44 Responses to “Flash Fiction – 8th Ed.”

  1. Nice! As generations move on, so does technology. It makes sense that being raised on the sea might one day translate to spaceships. Love the twist. Well done!

  2. What a great little piece, the sci-fi element blends in so well with the emotion. Best of luck with your project.

  3. I really enjoyed this! It is very well written, and that twist at the end is great.

  4. I like the comparison of the two “ships”. Nicely done.

  5. Dear Brain Rants,

    It’s Rochelle not Michelle.

    Good story. Father would be proud.



  6. Dear BR,

    I think father would be proud of his son.



  7. Great juxtaposition of the past and the future.

  8. Great work, as usual.

  9. Well aren’t you the clever one! Nicely done, so tight and concise yet conveyed volumes. i seriously loved it.

  10. We always learn from the experts before. I liked the way you brought his thoughts of his father into the story.

  11. Nice effort, Rants. Watch your verb tense mixing in the first paragraph. It’s minor compared to the quality of the imagery and linkages you built.

  12. I liked the bit about the Dad.

    That Elias sure is a cockblocker.

  13. So subtle you slip in Sci-Fi here.. what a great way to talk about the changes– it could have worked also with a smaller change.. I like it.

  14. I love the imagery of this boat and a futuristic one, which you tied in nicely with the thoughts back to his father.

  15. Your/his father would have been proud…and yay for science fiction….could come true one day.

  16. Dear BrainRants, Clever story and I love the way you incorporated the boat into futuristic space ship. Very interesting! Nan 🙂

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