The Rest of the Year

I have a low-level curiosity.  I work in an environment where on December 31st, everyone leaves the office and says something like, “Well, see you next year!” or “I’m going home and drink for the rest of the year!

Then they give you a look like they’re the wittiest jackwagon ever to fill a diaper.

Anyone else?

26 Responses to “The Rest of the Year”

  1. Brainrants, you are one funny motherfucker.

  2. LOL Filling their diapers! XD

  3. It appears jack wagon diaper fillers are the curse of a dominate gene found in virulent abundance on the beltway. Sadly, they migrate to corporate America where the jack wagon and diaper filling continues in a position that often starts with a C(EO, OO, FO etc.) Epic flatulence on the elevator is the only way to stop it. You can’t quip when you can’t breath 🙂

  4. The second one, I’ve never heard. The first one was funny the first time I heard it, when I was six. Happy New Year,Rants.

  5. Second one…ugh. I didn’t even drink tonight….better start again.

  6. I want to be a jackwagon but spell check keeps fighting me on it.

  7. Nope, but only because we shut down this year on 12/24 and won’t go back until 1/5.

    • I have no idea when the Gub’mint shut down 2014, but personally I’m in favor of no more Ohio and less regulation. Oh, and bacon… I think bacon should be our National Food.

  8. I posted the last Monday Magazine ever – for the year 2014. I also like to say to people in the summer: “Hot enough for ya?”

  9. If they think they’re a wit, well, they’re only half right. Maybe. 😐

  10. I curse myself for being so god damn polite and not telling them to do one, I smile and fake a laugh and then hate myself for it. Every year.

  11. Every f—ing year! How do these people make it through the Christmas season without killing themselves?

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