Simply Amazing

I’ve got a few blog posts under my belt at this point, so I’m not sure if I’m repeating myself here when I say that I have zero musical ability.  By zero, I mean that when I encounter a questionnaire that asks what instrument I play, I write in “mp3 player.”  I can do that reliably, if I can find the app on my smartphone.

Needless to say after that introduction, I found the subject of this post mind-blowing.  Apparently this guy – I won’t attempt to reproduce his name here  but he’s Turkish – fucking invented a musical instrument.  Right now, you’re thinking along the lines of something that would impress Rants, like an empty shoebox used as a drum, or semi-filled beer bottles when you blow over the mouth and make a note.  No.

This dude went and invented a whole new thing.  This has two membrane drums, springs, and a set of strings like a cello.  You’ll see it may be played in at least four modes, maybe more.  Even better, this instrument uses springs to incorporate a reverb feature that is not – repeat, NOT – added digitally.  In fact, the clip below is not digitally enhanced in any way.  It’s just a simple recording of this badass musical instrument inventor being a badass.  Like bagpipes, I could fall asleep to this shit.  This reminds me of the five daily calls to prayer in Kabul we could hear over the walls of Camp Cuppycake.

Enjoy this:

I’ll tell you that I spent the better part of two hours scouring the internet looking for a plan to build one of my own.  This isn’t some guy who writes shitty lines of poetry and calls them lyrics.  This motherfucker decided to invent a whole new instrument.

If I ever find the plans for this thing, a yaybahar, I’m building it and then I’ll figure out how to play that funky shit.

14 Responses to “Simply Amazing”

  1. That’s pretty bad ass.

  2. Awesomesauce! The only thing I can play, is the radio (if I have my glasses on). These MP3 and smartphone doohickeys all outsmart me. 😯

  3. Making a career out of building whatever this thing is sounds like a good way to spend your post-Army time.

  4. Elvira Jorge Says:

    Really amazing!

  5. Really Good,
    If you want to you could take a glance at my new blog

  6. Fantastic! Only looking at this instrument, sadly the first I’d need to do is empty a room in order to own one. A short bowling alley by the look of the thing!

  7. He’s a shoe in for the next Pink Floyd concert.

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