Creepy Shit

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I absolutely love creepy shit.  Halloween is my second-favorite holiday after of course the tie for first (T-giving and 4th of July)(you can wipe your ass with Christmas).  Anyway, I sooooo wish I’d found this a month ago because I’d have made it into a costume and gone trick-or-treating.

I don’t know what kind of sick fuck comes up with this sort of shit, but whoever he or she is, they get an automatic Rants Army® Membership, complete with all the rah-rah’s.

Behold the creepy:











You were warned.


35 Responses to “Creepy Shit”

  1. I can’t go back to sleep now….

  2. What’s more creepy? The rabbit inviting you to sit on the toilet with him or the fact that someone video taped it?

  3. Aww Bunny Bread is making room on the pot for the Charmin bear, see this is just etiquette in motion.

  4. Creepy Bunny Suit is a total WIN! Scary Clown is a total FAIL.

  5. I think this bunny is female by the size of it’s chest, so I bet there is a red-blooded male or 2 out there who wouldn’t mind sharing the seat for a piece of tail (bunny’s tails that is, of course!)

  6. That’s standard operating procedure in the post sequestration Army. With cut-backs, there is only one bunny suit per potty-buddy team. The other team member has to wear a hockey mask cause some jerk is always filming it and uploading it to Defense News Weekly with a rant about more money in the POM for flushes and doors on the stalls. It just adds a new meaning to, “make your buddy smile.” It’s still creepy…

  7. Halloween is my favorite holiday. Thanksgiving and July 4th are close enough to be tied for second. Christmas is Bah Humbug and wtf eating into Thanksgiving with commercialism…but that isn’t the point of this post.

    That picture is too creepy for Halloween..but on that token, there is always next year. I don’t want to sound ignorant, but are potty buddies real?

  8. The scariest question of all is, “Where on the web were you that this particular gif would have crossed your path?”

  9. That’s….. that’s….that’s…tha..uh… Anyone got any rum?

  10. I’m glad I’m north of 49. Other than that, I got nothin’. 😯

  11. I will never look at a person in a bunny suit the same way ever again! One of my friends just turned 40 and filled her appartment with balls (like from a ball pit) (stick with me, this gets relevant), anyway, someone bought her an elmo suit for her birthday, so we filled it with coloured balls. She was like some gigantic cross between elmo and jabba the hut, and she fell over in the street and couldn’t get up again, like one of those sumo suits only her body kept sinking to the bottom of the impromptu elmo suit ball pit. Now that was funny (no actual elmos were harmed in the celebrations).

  12. Joseph V DeMartino Says:

    Yeah, this is just the tip of the mind-fuckery the internet has to offer. Check out the creepypasta archives and leave the lights on. Or don’t. At least that way you won’t be able to see what’s coming for you.

  13. ever heard of furries? there you go

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