And So I Found This…

My post about the elderly Asian pole dancer got some good attention.  I’m not really surprised, though, because that’s something a lot more entertaining than say, the fucking sky and clouds that happen to be overhead at the moment.  Not that I get to see clouds or much sunlit sky every day, mind you.  But this is yet another example of the freak-tastic shit that happens to me almost daily.

I had an important conference to attend this week – a two-day affair of holding a pencil point-up in my fist.  This will instantly wake me when I fall asleep and dig the fucker into my forehead.  Because of this, I decided to grab an actual breakfast (i.e., not just coffee and something with nicotine) to try and boost my awareness through the day.  As I finished eating my swill, I looked up and saw the picture I posted here with this blog.

Some stage-setting is important.  I think you all know I work in the Pentagon, right?  Good.  Now what you don’t know is, it’s generally frowned upon (i.e., not fucking allowed in this lifetime) to take pictures.  In fact, just try to find a map of my office that has each room labeled.  Go on, I’ll wait… the rest of us will proceed with the blog post.  My location was the first floor food court, and like many eating locations, it had “decoration” in the form of every major language painted on a panel that expressed the sentiment of ‘Eat Up, motherfucker!’  The capitulating French say, Bon Appetit, but my food had no bones.

Anyway, I saw this and had to take a picture.  Being a mediocre Lieutenant Colonel at the end of his very mediocre career (i.e., nothing to fucking lose), I chose to fire up my smartphone and capture this awesomeness.  Behold:



Needless to say, someone of course had to come up and remind me of the no picture policy right there in front of Starbucks.  Needless to say, it was an Air Force (i.e., French-like attitude) two-star general.  I could have been totally screwed, but I sized up my target and laid on the Rants charm.  This lady wanted to know what I was doing, so with my best war face, I asked, “Ma’m, are you a Trekkie by any chance?”

The 2* looked up and me and whispered, “Yes.”

I merely pointed at the wall, pictured above, and said, “That… is… awesome!  Ma’m.”

And that is how I continue to have totally whack, random shit happen to me every damn day.

26 Responses to “And So I Found This…”

  1. How Awesome to find something like that and a 2* that is willing to let a little picture slide in the cause of the trekkie…

  2. It’s your magnetic personality drawing in this stuff? Cool sign – and cool you got a pix

  3. Pretty f’n cool.

  4. you’re such a rebel… wicked cool photo though, and worthy of breaking the pentarules.

  5. YOU HAVE AN OFFICE! Don’t tell anyone, just act nonchalant and don’t look anyone in the eyes. You’ll be driving a laptop in the hall on a plastic chair before you can say Tribbles are trouble.

  6. I wonder if the Star Wars fans are pissed that there isn’t a Wookie saying painted on the wall.

    Or is there…?

  7. I am now drawing my pentagon map, starting with the food court!

  8. Another one I missed! How does anyone know how this is spelled when it’s a totally made up language? Ohhhhhhh, maybe it was written in a script, by a writer? Carry on!

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