Flash Fiction – 6th Ed.

My first glance at the photo prompt left me without much inspiration today, but then the odd part of me took over.  Funny how the mind jumps into improbable spaces with little effort.  Mine normally skydives without a parachute…

To join in the Flash Madness, go to Rochelle’s Purple Blog and follow the rules.

Concept: a weekly picture is posted, and the writer is challenged to produce one-hundred (more or less) words of some sort of fiction with a complete plot (beginning, middle and end). Here is my sixth installment:

Copyright Janet M. Webb

Copyright Janet M. Webb


Her lovely pout stared back at her from the mirror.  One delicate hand applied the lipstick in a practiced, one-two motion.  The full bottom lip took one crescent movement.  I stood behind her and admired her efficiencies.

I considered the custom mirror.  Carved wood details with an aged but faux patina framed the beveled glass I custom ordered.  Three panes were spaced using the golden ratio.  I’d joined it all without a single nail or screw.

I moved to catch her eye.  She didn’t look despite my effort.  The mirror still refused to reflect me.

(95 words)

– – – – –

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56 Responses to “Flash Fiction – 6th Ed.”

  1. I like it, particularly because at the end I can’t tell if the character I’m guessing is a man isn’t being reflected because he’s dead or because the woman is being bitchy.

  2. Did the mirror refuse to reflect you because you had no soul?…”you being the protagonist”

  3. Very spooky 🙂 Great job

  4. I had the same problem with the inspiration. Guess we have similar odd parts. 😀 Interesting story, at first I thought they were spouses preparing for a night out, but I guess I was wrong.

  5. We definitely drew the same inspiration from the prompt this week. Nicely done.

  6. Twindaddy Says:

    Nice! I like it!

  7. Nothing like having a ghost for a stalker!

  8. Your brain worked just fine once it got going. 🙂


  9. Do you do woodworking? I wondered if it was personal experience that lent the reality to the description of the making of the mirror.

  10. I hate when they don’t see you in the mirror . . .and then they turn around and start screaming. I choose to interpret this as a vampire story, but it could also be a relationship problem of another kind. Very cool.

  11. Well done in 95 words! I, too, had a hard time with inspiration – it’s weird how it still comes and we write on. You did a great job with the creation of the mirror. Oh! not to mention leaving us all hanging.

  12. Is he a vampire? Ghost? Great take, Rants. Like you, I’m not quite feeling it just yet. I hope something takes over for me. Well done.

  13. Love how the story ended. And only 95 words? Wow!

  14. At least vampires are a welcome change from zombies. Well done, joiner. Both of us are not quite all there this week. 😉

  15. Dear B.R.

    Images of vampires are hard to capture. Nicely done.



  16. I like the ambiguity of this piece because each reader pictures something different. I pictured a dead husband admiring his wife in the mirror he made for her.

    That’s what good writing is, I think. Words that do not state, but illuminate. Anything less is a lecture. Nicely done, Rants.

  17. Nicely done. Its success lies in the ambiguity. I like that its interpretations depend on the reader.

  18. That was very good.

  19. My mind went to the women that have lost their men to war. Possibly their men come to visit.

  20. B.R., Well, I’m not sure whether it’s an odd mirror, he’s a vampire, he’s a ghost, or he just has a poor self image–really poor. 😀 Well written. 🙂 —Susan

  21. Without reflection it’s likely to end bad.

  22. Dear BR,

    It’s a wonder no one has written about blind vampires. They must have a hard time getting ready to go out into the world. Good job.



  23. Another interpretation might be that She is the ghost going through her ritual.

  24. I loved your description of the woman applying lipstick to her lovely pout and the detail of mirror and frame. Then we were left to consider what kind of being couldn’t see their reflection. Very interesting, and well written.

  25. Dear BrainRants, This is fabulous – I think it’s a ghost. If it was a vampire, he couldn’t see his reflection but she would know he was there. If a ghost, she doesn’t know he’s there nor does she see his reflection moving. Excellent!
    Nan 🙂

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