Because Summer Is Awesome

I had to do this, because Summer is awesome.  I’ve long loved giving our Cañadian neighbors crap.  Here is some more.

More true than you might guess

More true than you might guess





PS~ Recently re-acquired cable/phone/internet.  More about the move coming up for your viewing pleasure soon.


24 Responses to “Because Summer Is Awesome”

  1. Ha! I’ll take your word on that one. The trees are already changing color here and I don’t even live in Canada. Enjoy what’s left of it.

    Glad you are settling in.

  2. Our summer is a little longer than that. It’s the first two full weeks of July every year. Federal law and everything. 🙄

  3. Those are not Canadians! We keep Tshirts on at the beach so we don’t get sunburn – has to do with the reflection of the sun off the snow.

  4. Very funny Rants! There are so few places we can go surfing, this couldn’t possibly be Canada! Hope to hear more about your move, etc. in the very near future!

  5. Canada has two seasons…Winter and July.

  6. New Hampshire summers only last about five minutes longer than that!

  7. tallulah14 Says:

    Yep! It’s the middle and September and Calgary has already had a freak snow storm.
    I’m not sure why I even bother to put my winter clothing away…

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