America Is Awesome

I’m sitting here in a very echo-y, much-reduced version of my office.  The rest of my home – where I’ve lived for damn near seven years – is now stylishly decorated in Neo-Modern Cardboard Box.  Tres chic.  In less than a week, I’ll hit the road my my creaky Blazer to relocate to Virginia under official Army auspices.  Or orders, if you like a harsh authoritarian approach.

With the box packing complete, I have next to nothing to do.  The movers discouraged me from doodling on the boxes with crayons by actually packing the crayons.  Assholes.

Regardless, before She Of Great Significance arrives later today, I wanted to share this Fourth of July thought with you.  I searched the webz for a while before I found the version that suited me.  No surprise, it’s Martina McBride.

Enjoy, and have a safe, reverent Fourth.

24 Responses to “America Is Awesome”

  1. Thanks for your service to our Country, Rants!

    USA! USA! USA!

  2. ‘merica! Happy Fourth!

  3. You have a safe and reverent Independence Day, as well, Rants. Yes, America IS awesome.

  4. Even though it’s not my anthem, Martina McBride’s version still gave me goose bumps, or as Jennifer Lopez says “goosies!” Thank you for your service Rants & good luck with your new assignment & new living arrangements. I hope the move goes smoothly & you find you like Virginia!

  5. As per your instructions, she didn’t f**k it up, though there were a few redneck yahoos who couldn’t just stand quietly.

    Happy Fourth, and hopes for a smooth move. 🙂

  6. Ft. Eustis? I had a couple of good years there – approximately 3rd through 5th grade.

  7. Martina has an incredible voice.

  8. Packed the crayons – how rude.
    Terrific choice of singer – nice to hear anaytime

  9. itsjustjakes Says:

    Love your blog – its awesome.

  10. printedcartoon Says:

    No, no, wrong! Europe is awesome! You need to relocate here!

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