Random Thought #66

Here are the three times your nose will be guaranteed to itch:

1. Cleaning the toilet

2. Cooking with meat blood up to your fucking elbow

3. Sex with someone of great significance

Because it sucks ass being me.

30 Responses to “Random Thought #66”

  1. When it comes to number 3, I guess it all depends on where your nose is.

  2. I found the 4th time – while you’re having an ultra sound of your heart & your hands have to remain over your head for 30 mins. straight!

  3. I….have nothing to say, except maybe, stand well back?? 😕 😉

  4. As long as you didn’t sneeze. #4 could be someone snapping your pic at at an unforgiving angle as you are scratching your nose. Picky, picky. Point is, it could have been worse.

  5. When you’re the forward scout, heavily camouflaged in a foxhole, with an entire enemy squad within one foot of your position. Also a rotten time to fart, unless it’s silent, when it becomes great fun. 😉
    (True story on both, by the way. Thank God, unlike in your world, my opponents never had LIVE ammunition. 😀 )

  6. I empathize. My eyes always start to itch when I am holding something sharp.

  7. Tell us more about #3!!!

  8. well, or just sex with someone

  9. Hmm…maybe your “someone of great significance” smells funny.

  10. Always with the meat! I’m starting to think I have a hay-fever like allergy to animal blood…

  11. Seems to happen often when house painting, you always try to finagle your knuckles around to get at it and end up slapping yourself in the face with the paintbrush anyhow. There’s no way to recover after that, you know you’re in for the long haul when you try to explain how you missed an entire wall with a brush and managed to hit your face instead. Bob Ross I am not.

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