A long time ago, in this galaxy, not so damn far away, a young kid who just earned a pair of glasses sat and watched – religiously – a PBS series called Cosmos.  Carl Sagan narrated it, and explained in very real terms the billions and billions of amazing things in our existence.

I was that kid.  Since then, I learned to play football, became accepted as more than a glasses-wearing bitch, and even got my eyes fixed to boot.  The nerd in me still lives, and I just watched the remake of Cosmos last night.  Two words: Fucking. Amazing.

It’s high time we redo this show, and Mr. Tyson is the perfect narrator for this.  If you didn’t see it, watch the first episode, and pay attention at the end.  Very, very fucking circular.  We seem to love pitting the truth of science against the beliefs of religion lately.  I know where my vote is there.

After I watched the original series through my resented glasses, I saved my money and bought the book.  It still sits on my self today.  That series and book turned me on to science, math and the entire world possible through knowing them.  I never would have made it into a decent college, let alone West Point, without that fuse lit under me.

Thank you, Doctor Sagan, and props to you, Mr. Neil deGrasse Tyson.  I sincerely hope there’s a nerdy loser out there who resents his glasses he just had fitted, who watched the Cosmos rehash and was electrified as I was.

44 Responses to “Nerd”

  1. The Elite of Just Alright Says:

    You, sir, you have good taste.

  2. So happy to see someone else used hours of their misspent youth devouring Dr. Sagan and the billllionz and billlllionz of possibilities he showed us. One regret I have is never sending a thank-you letter to Issac Asimov, prior to his death. He planted the seeds of wonder and enduring interest in physics that’s now a part of me.
    In the days before Internet we were still allowed access to heroes and possibilities.
    My daughter shakes her head, Rants. I’m glad you reminded me, and I still wear the geek glasses of honor.

  3. Oh, and the new Cosmos is on my watchlist. Tyson rocks and several of his own books rest on the bookcase.

  4. Go nerds and glasses. The book is one of few that I kept. Might just buy a tv for this.

  5. It should be on Hulu today. Looking forward to revisiting Cosmos with my nerd crush, Dr. DeGrasse Tyson! *swoon*
    His book, Death By Black Hole, is a great read.

  6. I love this. Giving you a virtual hug.

  7. You’ve inspired me to check it out. Another “nerd” friend is a fan, and your writing has given me the extra needed push to get it done. Keep up the good work!

  8. Cool, I was wondering how that was. I think it’s on tonight for us maybe. I’ll have to hunt it down.

  9. I have Cosmos DVR’d , but not yet watched & I can’t wait to get to it! I was also the nerdy, glasses-wearing kid in school. Due to a birth defect I wore glasses on my face from as soon as I could toddle (10 months old) until I was 12 years old. I faced 5 eye operations to correct the defect, leaving me with eyes which work independently of each other. I prefer to think of my eyes as bifocal eyes (I can only see close up with my left eye & can only see far away with my right eye) which means I will never have to get bifocal glasses. I wear glasses again (for computer work & driving).

  10. Heinlein rocks.
    We have the original on the shelf, too
    Eagerly waited for Cosmos – loved the images (thanks NASA – recognized some of them from your website which is also amazing and always open).
    The show? Uneven to me – lots of “TaDa!” – and the script – especially at the first, sounded like someone read Mr. Neil deGrasse Tyson’s words and decided they were too complex for the audience, and dumbed it down/substituted other words in the script. I greatly admire Tyson and felt parts were below him – There’s a distinct different “voice” in parts of the script – then there’s the parts where it sounds like Tyson normally sounds. But it may be just me.
    Anything with space and beauty of science is desperately needed. We really need to pull as many young thinkers that direction as possible. Cosmos could be the thing to fire up those thoughts.
    Definitely staying tuned and recording it.

  11. Quarks, and neutrons, and black holes.
    Oh my! Much better than reading “Cosmo.”

  12. Crike you got me curious now… I haven’t seen Cosmos, but I can confirm that my head is in the clouds, so I should go there.

  13. whiteladyinthehood Says:

    I was not a nerd, missed the first episode, dammit, but this post came from the perfect store! Awesome job, Rants.

  14. NotAPunkRocker Says:

    I cannot believe I missed this. I need to try to find it on demand or somewhere and catch up ASAP.

  15. I was skeptical of the whole remake as I remember being younger and watching Dr. Sagan reveal the mysterious above. So skeptical, in fact, that I refused to watch the remake as I am bitter about the way stories, shows, and movies of my youth have been remade. You however make a compelling case, so I’ll give it a chance. Nice piece, looking forward to more.

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