Random Thought #64

Tiny farts and knowledge of physics sucks, because you understand surface tension and partial pressure.  That’s what makes the asscrack sweat make the unpoppable bubble of fart jammed deep up your ass.

32 Responses to “Random Thought #64”

  1. Ouch and bloat.

  2. Funny. Yesterday I was looking for some sound fx of wind blowing to use in a scene. My google search gave me a large array of “wind” sounds including “squishy” farts, “wet” farts, “string cheese” farts, “lawn mower” farts, “oopsy daisy” farts, “rigid” farts, “motor bike” farts and more… Who knew?

  3. Really really hilarious.
    (Dogs, though, know no shame)

  4. You are so eloquent Rants!

  5. La, La, La, La! (Fingers in ears.) 😀

  6. whiteladyinthehood Says:


  7. Never have so few words explained so much.

  8. Sure this can be unheard. All you have to do is bang your head against the wall until it becomes squishy. The head or the wall, no preference. :p

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