Who’s Stupid? Arizona, Or…?

Someone help me out here.  I’ve tracked the recent headlines about the beyond-questionable proposed law put before Governor Jan Brewer regarding legislating the right to discriminate.

Straight up, I’d be against that, and would predict it would be overturned by even the liberal 9th Circuit Court.  This is legislative adventurism turned into a media circus, plain and simple.

What makes me vomit is the reaction – in our LameStream media and here in blogworld of course.  Before Governor Brewer vetoed the law, it was a hyped-up media frenzy to paint both Republicans and Democrats as evil.  Now that she vetoed it, she’s being skewered as a toady who did it solely on the basis of keeping money flowing into her state.

Can’t win for losing, huh?  Make up your minds, idiots.  Everything can’t be wrong, so when you go and attack… well, everything in this case, you’re showing your childish, immature and reactionary nature.  If you’re the LameStream media, then who’s pandering dollars now?  If you’re blogging, well then pull your head out of your ass or delete your blog.

For the record: A law such as that is just wrong, no matter who drafts it.  Governor Brewer did the right thing.  Leave the motivations out of it, you got what you fucking wanted.  Anything past that is sheer Trolling.

44 Responses to “Who’s Stupid? Arizona, Or…?”

  1. The Elite of Just Alright Says:

    For the record, this type of bull happens in student politics too. You wouldn’t believe some of the stuff I see/hear on a daily basis as part of the cabinet for a Student Government Association.

    I’m writing a sitcom on it. Consider writing a TV show yourself…I bet Spike would eat it up.

  2. The fact that this was an issue at all is pathetic. Can’t wrap simple mind around it. Good for her to veto this piece of nonsense (censoring self).

  3. I’m with you. She fixed it for god’s sake. Enough said.

  4. I’m glad she vetoed it, and announced it so matter-of-fact. I hope the same thing happens in GA.

  5. As always, they need something to write about. I know that’s a tired, overworked cliche but it happens to be true. They need content. I shudder to think of all the havoc that’s been created simply for the need to fill up time and space.

  6. Not exactly on point here, but regarding the media’s excoriation of Governor Brewer, Lyndon B. Johnson once stated that if he walked across the water of the Potomac, headlines the next day would read, “President Can’t Swim”. The lamestream media cannot tell a happy story, they must belittle and blame as many people as possible as often as they can.
    As for Arizona’s idiotic law, it won’t pass even the lightest challenge, as, in the US, federal law outranks state law. It’s my understanding that there is a federal law against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, but I could be wrong.
    When the Federal court rules on this asinine law and strikes it down, the politicos who voted for it can shrug their shoulders at their constituents and say, “Well, we tried, but them dang federales just pulled rank on us.”
    But that’s not the point.
    The point is: if I were gay in Arizona right now, or even just thinking about travelling through, I would be very worried. Politicians don’t make laws for the pure joy of ruining your life. They make laws that they think will increase their chances of getting re-elected. Which means that there’s a sufficiently large demographic of bigots to pander to, that hates/fears/distrusts/whatever homosexuals.

    • You have a point. I agree with the pandering. I believe this silly legislative lint bunny got cooked up for some kind of purpose, but of course that got buried in the invective. Not that I’m saying this would be the best way to approach it, but someone thought this was a good idea at one point. Who knows. The media report what they like. How much coverage would this get if AZ were a blue state with a Dem in the statehouse? I do wonder.

      • This law got cooked up because a bunch of bigoted business owners didn’t want to have to serve queers. And the bigots attracted the attention of the politicians.
        The reason people should be worried about the Arizona law is the fact that it singles out an identifiable group. This law draws a line; on that side is gays, over here is everyone else. By drawing a line, the amorphous “They” have made it easier to marginalize gays and perhaps take other rights away. Such as the right to vote, or own property. By marginalizing one group, they can then pick another group, then another.
        As for someone thinking that this may have been a good idea at some point, I will risk my credibility by saying that some people probably thought singling Jews out in 1920’s and ’30’s Germany was a good idea.
        Does that mean that I think this law, or the state of Arizona is as bad as the Nazis? No. But I do think that this is the thin edge of the wedge. This could be the beginning of the ride down a very slippery slope to a highly unpleasant destination.

        • To further your point, this law was cooked up so that they could use religion as the basis for the exclusion. Pretty hypocritical since Christians voice their displeasure about being persecuted. Slippery slope indeed.

        • Good points, and don’t believe that I am supportive of this type of shit. What torqued me was the complaints that go both directions from the same news sources or the same idiot bloggers who just do nothing but find fault, even when sanity prevails.

  7. My dad is ex-military and reading your blog sometimes is like listening to him talk. Pull your head out of your ass! Great advice that I’ve heard more than once. This is neither here nor there, but he says that life in the civilian workforce is killing him, because he was trained to yell at people and expect them to immediately obey. In the real world, he gets in trouble for that.

  8. This whole thing is a clusterfuck. From beginning to end. I’m still shocked it made it to Brewer’s desk. That’s alarming and sad at the same time.

  9. Food for thought … Isn’t it legislation like this that will ultimately provide the required evidence for SCOTUS to declare LGBT Americans a “protected class” and subject to the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution?

  10. It would be nice if politicians just did what was right instead of playing to whatever their niche audience is.
    Though I think that opinion leaves me in the minority.

    • I’m there with you, Guapo. In this instance, the MSM and many bloggers just blast away because the bill is up for signature, and then when Brewer did the right thing, they blast her too… because fun.


  11. The whole thing was a media circus.
    And it’s over (she was never going to sign it) Reminds me of high school attention seekers drama

  12. I am so tired of all this bullshit! What makes the government think they can legislate morality? The government should protect us not tell us how to live.

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