Bigotry Sucks

You know by now I exist in a fairly cloistered little world here in my military bubble.  It takes effort to poke my head up out of the prairie dog hole, and days like today make me regret it.  I want off this planet.

A friend of mine pointed out the backlash to Coca Cola’s Super Bowl XLVIII commercial.  First, let’s review the source material:

I did a quick search and sure enough, here are Americans spewing hate and bile over something that ought to be obvious to even the most illiterate among us: well over ninety-eight percent of us aren’t actual ‘natives,’ and given that, quite a lot of us didn’t arrive here speaking English to begin with, nor did our ancestors.  The YouTube comments are bad enough, so check these for a moderate start:

The fact that the term ‘racism’ is being used at all is a clear indicator of how fucked up we’ve become.  This is about being a bigot.  As I stated in my major paragraph above, bigotry is just counter-fucking-intuitive to a nation built on the collected aswesomeness of its component cultures.

I find it pretty fucking sad to see dillholes throwing around statements like, “Speak English or GTFO” in comments.  These same asshats probably texted that in from the Taco Bell line before they ordered a burrito.  The jackwagon probably is the proud owner of a banjo, too.  Check the etymology of that word, you backward fuck.

We clearly forget from where we come.  Some time in the dim American past, a big crowd of Rants ancestors washed up on the shores of this country.  Some – about half – of them might have spoken English as a second language but more likely Gaelic.  Nearly half of them spoke German.  One of them spoke Swedish.  The irony of the German-speakers is that several generations before that, they spoke English.  Some might have known Russian.  Today, I still struggle to master the nuances of what we jokingly call King’s English.

Odds are very good that all the hate-spewing douchelords who troll comment arenas and dump Coke down the drain have nearly identical linguistic histories in their families.  We’re truly a nation of mutts, and that is our strength.  The United States, by and large, has done one better than the Romans: we assimilate the best of our component cultures, and not by conquest.  At least not recently.

This sort of small-minded stupidity is a slap in the face to me personally.  I never signed on to defend only English-speakers twenty-two years ago.  Some of the best Soldiers I’ve known were Philippino, Mexican, Chinese, or Kenyan.  That only enumerates a few.  They were so fucking happy to be here that they opted to devote years of their lives in a small gesture of payback.  One I had the honor to swear in as a citizen.  What is truly sad about this over-empowered, under-IQ’d group of hatemongers (you’re in there too, lamestream media) is that these outstanding Soldiers would have defended their worthless-as-fuck hides too, right along side my English-mangling ass.  One thing I know is true:

We all bleed red no matter what color we are or language we speak.

108 Responses to “Bigotry Sucks”

  1. NotAPunkRocker Says:

    Well fucking-said. This post is what I am going to send people when I see them bitching about the commercial again; I just want to call them a fucking asshole without trying to debate it because I am sick of it. This is better.

  2. First, thanks for this. I’ve been hearing about a Coca Cola controversy but hadn’t got around to, I guess, exploring the issue.
    Second, I watched the commercial. I got a little choked up! And I tout myself as one hardcore chick, it does take much to stir my emotions.
    Third, I grew up in different nations, but as an American. I had the distinct opportunity of learning the language of the locals so I can, you know, socialize, make friends, enjoy life. So the whole ‘Speak English or GTFO’ concept is very foreign to me. A true American speaks all kinds of languages, all kinds of dialects, all kinds of slangs, localisms, whatever. We’re too mixed up ethnically to say we’re a master of any language, especially English.
    Finally, Coca-Cola is everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Travel to any country, you’ll see a red-and-white placard at the smallest of shops, off the dirt roads, at the back of the seedy strip club. So kudos to the company for demonstrating it’s global achievement with a unifying message.
    I shake my head as well, BrainRants, but remember…the idiots shall die, and their ideologies die with them.
    Rant over. Dismount from soap box.

  3. Well said, brother

  4. “We’re truly a nation of mutts” Very good, Rants.

  5. Well said, and I love the Taco Bell line; unfortunately they wouldn’t get the irony.

  6. whiteladyinthehood Says:

    Great post!

  7. We have a very similar predicament here in Canada because of bilingualism. It’s so frustrating to hear our national anthem mangled in English & French. In Canada, we seem to accept every other culture except for one of the original ones who helped to settle our country. (Just for edification the English defeated the French in a war in Canada a couple hundred years ago). I think what makes it stick in the craw of so many Canadians is that the French are so militant about their language. Our goods are all so expensive because all our labels have to be in both English & French, if you want to work for the government you better be bilingual in English & French. BUT if you go to Quebec, woe to you if you’re trying to get equal time in English because everything is almost exclusively in French. I just want to know why we can’t appreciate each other’s cultures (I love tortiere, hubby loves poutine) while respecting each other’s rights.

    • I heard of a motion for Quebec to drop out of Canadia and become North Louisiana. They can be as militant as they want. We’re militant fuckers down here.

      • Maybe they should, although they couldn’t survive without the rest of us supporting them! We could let them mooch off you guys in the States for a while, but then you would want to send them back! Could you imagine – crossing from 1 state to the next & not being able to read street signs, etc. because they are all in a different language?

  8. Reblogged this on H.E. ELLIS and commented:
    Another timely Rant…

  9. Bravo.

    Just yesterday, I had a lovely online argument with a “friend” about this. His ignorance still has me stewing today.

    I’m am especially glad to hear a military person take a stand.

    Good shit here, Rants.

  10. Well said! I didn’t watch the commercial because I refuse to follow the mainstream media and get my panties in a twist when they tell me to. They are nothing more than bullies causing fights and backing out when they should just suggest peace. Our economy and our country wouldn’t be the way it is right now today if the media would shut the fuck up about the negative and focus on good things. /soapbox

  11. I’m right there with you, Rants. Makes me so mad that the multi-cultural milieu of this nation, the sum of it’s parts, and the roots of our open-arms history are now what is considered un-American by (what I hope) are the uneducated few. My own family history is quite the hodgepodge (Scottish, German, Spanish, etc) and something that I’m truly proud of because it’s part of what I believe makes America such an incredible place.

  12. WORD, Rants. Motherfucking WORD. I saw some of the sickening comments in reaction to that and although I wasn’t surprised at them, they still made me sad. Some people will never fucking learn.

  13. You forgot to mention how these are the same people who have no grasp of the English language as they butcher it to pieces writing ‘your’ instead of ‘you’re’ and ‘there’ instead of ‘their’ or ‘they’re’. They also don’t know that the song being sung in the commercial is America, The Beautiful which is on fact not only not the national anthem, but it is also not God Bless America which is also not the national anthem.

    I also enjoy the “Go back to Islam” statements.

    It hurts, you guys. The stupid hurts so much.

    I read the following article yesterday and literally threw up. No joke. I thought that, as usual, I might get upset by the spelling and punctuation atrocities and then laugh it off as a defense mechanism for my sanity like I usually do, but then I actually threw up. I imagine that reading this is what being kicked in the balls feels like.

  14. Well we all know what the official language of the US is… oh wait there isn’t one.

  15. Right on, Rants. I’m so sick of intolerent, racist bastards. Fucking makes me mad.

  16. People are complete fucktards under the guise of anonymity. They think that they can do whatever they want behind their little internet cloak. The only solace I can find in these bottom feeders, is that you can tell by their spelling that they are unintelligent douches who will never amount to anything.

  17. I’m just completely over all of it. Between shit like this and politicians thanking us on AFN for our service, etc then taking away some of our retirement at the same time…I’m over it.

  18. If one really thinks about it, the people we should be biased against are the ones who think that Coco-Cola products are even in the same league as Pepsi products. I mean, Pepsi is so clearly better and more refreshing, while Coke is like, well, like slightly thinned-out motor oil.
    Seriously, though, yeah, people are idiots. Great post.

    • Thanks, TTD. Coke changed their recipes and didn’t tell us, I’m convinced. I opt for diet Pepsi myself. That aside, part of this hatemongering is likely paid guns by Pepsi to discredit a really awesome spot by Coke. I liked it – it’s part of what I stood up to serve for.

  19. Before your post, I never heard about any of this. I could only skim at work and my friend was kind enough to brief me on the commercial. My initial thought was, “fucking seriously?”

    So I get home and read your post and click into the commercial and my thought is still, “fucking seriously?”

    Just when one thinks the douche-bar cant be set any higher, someone else finds a way to make it happen. Sad.

    This post is one of the reasons that you’re my hero.

  20. I so wanted you to use the word Rant-cestors. Funny, I woke up to my team winning the Super Bowl. Interspersed in OMG’s and WTF’s about various plays the Seahawks were involved in was talk of the commercial. Most of my friends posted things like “Uh oh, that is gonna piss some people off.” I have not watched the commercial either. I just want to remember coke as the cola that taught the world to sing in perfect harmony. Now they are teaching America that harmony was not lost, it just wasn’t there to begin with.

    Rant on Rants! Your post is a thing of beauty, especially the last line.

  21. Ironically my ancestors actually spoke English. Well, about half of them. The other half spoke French which is something we don’t talk about as a family rule.

  22. That’s an incredible post my friend & was needed!! It’s about time we stand up & speak out against this kind of ignorance. We’re southern as you very well know. 7 generations Florida girls but we’re raised with strong values & taught that prejudice in any form is just down right ugly & unacceptable. Probably because our ancestors we’re one of those Gaelic speaking immigrants you mentioned above. lol. And yes my friend…we all bleed red! Well said. So well said that we will be sharing this now in hopes of spreading the good word & educating people or if all else fails….Pissing them off completely!!! LMAO~ 😉

  23. Many Americans are detached from our past. All they know is they were born on American soil and that’s as far back as their lazy asses take them.

    Did anyone in the comment section mention the Cheerios ad with the bi-racial parents? That caused a big stink, too. All the hateful people who crawled out from under their rocks. That beautiful little girl with two loving parents. What else matters!? Do you know how I reacted? I bought more Cheerios. I vote with my wallet.

    • Great point – an excellent way to shut up an asshole is to stuff cash in his mouth. Puts ’em in a quandary. Nobody commented on that, but I did think of it during writing.

  24. hiddencontradiction Says:

    Reblogged this on My Insatiable Fate.

  25. You ranting rock, Rants. Well said. I passed the link along to my son who is a senior this year and on his way to college in the fall. He was an exchange student in Germany this summer. He’s getting a world perspective. He’s hoping to room with an international student in college. We’re all in this together, and I can only hope the intelligent, world-view thinkers outnumber the fucktards.

  26. I loved this commercial.
    So classic.

  27. Thank you for this.

  28. […] a rare event occur: a childhood flashback. I believe it was triggered by the discussion regarding American bigotry on BrainRant’s blog, then called forward when the girls working out next to me switched the […]

  29. Oh. My. Word. Reading some of the garbage spewing from their mouths was literally painful for me. I only got down a few pages before I had a force three headache and the almost irresistible impulse to put my fist through my monitor while screaming at the top of my lungs, “Did none of you dick shits pass the fourth grade?”
    I mean can you not at least spell your insults and profanity properly? I try to accept that people have the right to be as ignorant as they want, but these pustules on the ass of society just plain abuse the privilege.
    It makes me weep to realize that these were the sperm that won. It scares me to know that they’ve probably already spawned.

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