Random Thought #63

I love it when I realize my expectations will always exceed my accomplishments.  Good way to stay humble.

24 Responses to “Random Thought #63”

  1. Really like that random thought. That is a healthy way of thinking.

  2. I have no expectations. I must be pretty damn humble.

  3. Or drive someone else crazy.

  4. Ah yes, I can relate to this. I’ll use your version of it next time I am “humbled.”

  5. It’s always good to dream!

  6. What is this humble thing you speak of?

  7. Aw, thanks for random thought #63 (I accept it as a proverb of sorts) to which I can now refrain from vehemently asking myself, “WTF???” 🙂

  8. In my myriad years of experience, I have only found having your accomplishments exceeding your expectations to be helpful when running from incoming rounds. Or upside down Formula Atlantic racecars flying at you. In either case, you accomplishment (running like hell) should ALWAYS exceed your expectation (I’m not gonna MAKE it!).

  9. But as Robert Browning said,
    ‘Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp,
    Or what’s a heaven for?’
    or there’s always,
    ‘If at first you don’t succeed, destroy all evidence that shows you tried’ Fahnestock’s Rule for Failure.

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