What The Hell Does This Mean?

This keeps happening to me.  Someone, for the love of all things Bacon, please tell me what goes on when this shit captured in the picture below happens:


Seriously… What. The. Actual. Fuck.



74 Responses to “What The Hell Does This Mean?”

  1. In non seriosity, it looks like a (fuck you) middle finger in your stats file…in seriosity, it looks like a popular post…that’s just my fucking guess. Who the fuck really knows…

  2. It’s Mongolia’s turn with the laptop.

  3. I’m no expert, but I agree. Word Press just gave you the finger.

  4. It looks like someone was happy to see you.

  5. It’s an erection, methinks.

  6. Someone found your site, probably while looking for bacon, and then spent an entire afternoon clicking on post titles.
    Not a bad way to spend an afternoon…

  7. Looks like your stats got excited.

  8. NotAPunkRocker Says:

    A lone heartbeat, then nothing again.

  9. The gods of search engine optimization have spoken. Yours is not to question why.

  10. It’s the WordPress version of a polar vortex. It could happen again.
    Get used to it.

  11. Maybe you have a stalker… I get the random “middle finger” from my stats now and then and it seems to coincide with a day that only a few people viewed my blog but apparently viewed it a whole bunch (like 50 times). It creeps me out. You might just have your very own blog stalker now – Congrats!!
    And sleep well……

  12. First thought was the cosmos giving you the finger…you knew it would happen eventually.
    (Really, that post had some topic/key words that was picked up by a web spider and you got placed high on google/browser – people that day were looking for something specific. Perhaps you picked up a few non-WP readers/subscribers. “Bacon” mentions seem to get a lot of hits. You can analyze the topic/where hits are from – or just ignore it…it’s addictive…best walk away now)
    Or you are being stalked….
    probably a warning…..

  13. It’s like WordPress was home on leave, they wanted to get as much ‘Bang’ for their ‘Buck’ as they could. Maybe you wore them out, they rolled over for some shut eye and packed their bag in the morning.

  14. Doo doo doo doo (theme from Twilight Zone)!

  15. Maybe someone read your entire blog in one sitting?

  16. Isn’t that a blog EKG? You’re still alive.

  17. N….S…..F*&^ing….A

  18. It’s your command going through your blog to make sure you aren’t divulging any secret stuff. Looks like you’re in the clear, your blog still exists.

  19. It’s just a coincidence. A whole bunch of people all got bored at the same time, and thought, Rants should be sober by now, lets go read his shit. 😉

  20. Oh Fuck don’t ask such hard questions.

  21. Magical digital penis… still a penis.

  22. maybe the NSA 😀

  23. I wanted to let you know I nominated you for the dragon’s loyalty award! You can check out the entry here: http://anopiniononlife.wordpress.com/2014/02/05/dragons-loyalty-award-2/

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