Weird Shit That I Have – 01

I got inspired to start this series by Rarasaur, the eminent and awesome blogger on the bloggy bloggish blogosphere-arium.  She did a post of odds and ends of her life that looked and seemed interesting.

Freak Dude

Freak Dude

The first contestant in my Weird Shit series is this dude.  I’ve owned him since I was aged in single digits.  For some reason, he’s become a totem of freak for me.  The appearance alone should explain that.  I slid a quarter ( a lot at the time ) into a gumball machine at our habitual grocery store.  My reward was Freak Dude in the picture.  He birthed in the standard hard-plastic eggish thing that will tumble out of a machine like that.

I kept him because of his inherent freakishness.  He speaks with a Yoda voice, when he speaks.  This is not often. Strong, The Force is, in him.

All hail and welcome Freak Dude.

56 Responses to “Weird Shit That I Have – 01”

  1. I love it! Isn’t it wonderful to have something that’s been with you for decades? I think Freak Dude is wonderful, and I’m excited for the rest of the series. 🙂

  2. Hail Freak Dude!

  3. NotAPunkRocker Says:

    The Freak Dude abides. Awesome.

  4. I had one very similar – had forgotten all about it until I saw this pic!

  5. Pfew. I was hoping you wouldn’t say he speaks in a JarJar voice..often.

  6. Would it be wrong to do a post about odds and ends and include a photo of my wife? She doesn’t read blogs. I could get away with it.

    Freak Dude looks vaguely phallic.

    Here’s a childhood memory that Freak Dude’s story unlocked. When I was a kid, I always asked my mom for a quarter for the gumball machine. We were so broke that she couldn’t spare it. A fucking quarter. Now, as an adult, when I pass by a gumball machine, I’ll occasionally pop a quarter in, turn the handle and throw whatever comes out in the garbage. Because I can. It’s amazing how some things never leave you.

  7. Okay, this may make me a freak…but that looks like some fucked up chicken with a really huge dick.

  8. That is one freaky looking dude! I keep things, but nothing weird like this! I have a collection of pebbles & stones from my first date with Kelvin (18 years ago)! He is so good at those get the stuffed doll out of the machine games that at one time I had over 200 stuffed animals. We divided them up & gave them to the kids before we moved to Alberta!

  9. Nice. Looking forward to the other freaky things. Bring it.

  10. As soon as I stop laughing I will write something sensible. Thank you!

  11. Is this something that will alert a parent that their child will be career military because my son has a strange toy like this and he’s military also. My other son still has his “blankey” that he has to wrap around his head when sleeping, not military.

  12. I really dig this idea — sort of a virtual personal time capsule or . . . something.

  13. As the high-ranking army dude in Mars Attacks spat, “What the hell is that???”

  14. So which entry is mine? Because, on a list of weird things you have, I GOTTA be in the top five. Minimum. (Don’t worry, you are DEFINITELY in my top five. Maybe even three… 😉 )

  15. whiteladyinthehood Says:

    Dammit. I must have been getting ripped off all those years. I only remember getting bouncy balls and plastic diamond rings.

  16. I kept looking at Freakdude and wondering, “Does it have one, or not?” Your posts stopped coming through email so I have catching up to do.

  17. Sure this is weird, but I bet you don’t have a clock decked out in tiny Gary Busey faces, do you?

    No, I didn’t think so. 😉

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