Twisted Fictioneer Interview with BrainRants

I recently had the opportunity to join a long, long roster of bloggers who are participating in a writing / blogging effort, all for a good cause. I wrote an… interesting… short story that will be forthcoming. In the meantime, visit H.E. Ellis’ page and see the interview! I am officially Twisted!


Santa-Claus--5767Today we begin our series of interviews with THE TWISTED FICTIONEERS, a group of authors who collaborate on charity writing projects such as ICONIC INTERVIEWSand F*CKED UP FAIRY TALES.Every Wednesday and Saturday we will feature an interview from a different author who has contributed to our writing ventures.

Since today is Christmas I thought it fitting to interview the man who started it all. From his portrayal of a sauced and surly Santa Claus in ICONIC INTERVIEWS to his sometimes caustic, ever rantastic blog(s), to his upcoming take on Jack and the Beanstalk for F*CKED UP FAIRY TALES: Volume II, it seems there’s nothing this blogger can’t or won’t rant about.

So grab a beer and don’t spare the bacon because we’re about to spend Christmas with:


When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

I’ve wanted to write since I was SmallRants. I’m…

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14 Responses to “Twisted Fictioneer Interview with BrainRants”

  1. You also wrote as Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus and Lipshitz the Elf so…

  2. Twisted, you? Who the fuck knew?

  3. Wonderful, what a webpage it is! This weblog gives valuable information to us,
    keep it up.

  4. Is Santa in the loader’s hatch? Or is that the commander’s hole? (I thought the loader sat on the right – or am I flashing back to my Panzer Grenadier days?)
    But now wait … you normally ARE twisted, but you did a twisted interview, so would that make it a normal, straight interview? A double-braided interview? Has your interview gone coax? Do I need more Lortab? (HELL Yeah! 😀 )

  5. Okay, new comment here to deconflict H.E. and J.E. … John, yes – Santa is in the TC hatch commanding the tank. The Yeaster Bunny is acting as the Loader in the picture. And, since I KNOW that you KNOW the M1A1, the gunner (if she’s doing her job) is not visible.

    I am NOT right, you’re all allegedly correct. MamaRants burned the results because they were contrary to Scripture. And I saw what you did there, H.E. Nice! NerdGirl.

    Go back heavy on the Lortabs, John.

  6. Cool – and right on target

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