Five Hundred

This is my five-hundredth post.  Yay.  Hooray for blogging.

A close friend sent me this link to make me laugh.  It did, and it also made me think of this very blog.  Enjoy!

Best Part:

“Boy cat, girl cat… E-I-E-I-O…”

– – – – –

Please remember that today is Pearl Harbor Day.

54 Responses to “Five Hundred”

  1. Congrats!

    I visited Pearl Harbor. The memorial site is chilling. Looking down in the water and seeing the sunken boat which is now essentially a tomb….words cannot describe the feeling.

  2. WTF. I’m not getting notified through my e-mail when you post. I’ve missed about a month worth of posts, and was wondering where you were. I don’t check my blogroll because it make me anxious, like I have to read every single thing I see.

  3. Le Clown Says:

    500! Congrats!
    And it has granted you exclamation marks!
    Le Clown!

  4. Congrats on the milestone. Looking forward to reading at least 500 more. Hilarious clip.

    Will be remembering Pearl Harbor Day, as well.

  5. NotAPunkRocker Says:

    I wish I had seen more about Pearl Harbor Day on the morning news today, but maybe there will be more later.

    Happy 500th!

  6. Have I mentioned to you that there’s a bacon spread for sale at whole foods market?

  7. 500 posts! *clink glasses*

  8. whiteladyinthehood Says:

    Congratulations, Rants! 500 posts…where has the time gone? I know I’ve read at least 400 or more! I even remember way back when – I wasn’t sure if I was your did a rant about motel rooms and I sang you a song hoping you didn’t get ate up by bed bugs..and I asked you if it made you feel better and you said it did. I knew right then, when you didn’t tell me to get fucked, fuck off, or any variation of shoving something up my ass – that we were cool. Unfortunately for you, you’ve been saddled with my friendship ever since, but I’d gladly stick around for 500 more.

  9. Grats on all the blogging. That video gave me a huge laugh, thank you! I asked my Japanese friend how they view Pearl Harbor Day here and she said they memorialize it respectfully and many journey to visit Hawaii. I was afraid it would be celebrated and that would make me very uncomfortable.

  10. Congrats on 500, Rants! 😀

  11. Congrats Rants on 500 posts – I’m heading for 300! You must have been around for a long time because there was a whole bunch of time when you weren’t posting from the “Suck” I’m glad I am part of the Rants Squad.

  12. Happy 500th, Rants!!

  13. My Mother was a young housewife living the good life when the bombs fell that Sunday afternoon. I grew up on war stories from the women’s perspective here on the west coast. Blackout curtains, rationing, and all the solider a that came through California.
    As awfull as that was it changed those young people forever. I could sense the women’s pride in their strength at home.
    Tid bit, all women’s hosiery had to be turned in for parachutes. Our country was not ready to supply an Army.
    My Dad joined the Marines and after the war to Japan to rebuild.

  14. Five hundred words a day, every day for over a year, then the Suck, then busy, and I’ve read and enjoyed every word. I look forward to more. At 250, I’m half the writer you are. 😉

  15. Congrats on #500 … good luck on the next 500. Love the video!

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