Cookin’ With Rants: Italian Awesome

Hold on to your colons, people.  I have an awesome recipe for y’all here today.  This comes to me via a good friend who wishes to remain anonymous.  Suffice it to say my paisan has direct relatives from the Old Country, and this is where this happy-stomach mess of gastronomic love comes from.

There’s some kind of actual Italian name for this dish, but even the Google vomited back every attempt I fed it to find an actual spelling, so you get ‘Italian Awesome.’  Don’t like it?  Fuck you.  The actual name started with an ‘S’ and ended in a vowel.  But enough with the elusive and clearly regional name of this dish that I predict you will not be able to get enough of.  On with the awesome…

Here are the ingredients for Italian Awesome:

Italian sausage – hot, sweet or regular.  Take your pick, I like the hot.

Garlic – about three to four cloves, smashed and diced into large bits.

Onion – completely optional, or use shallots.  Cut into large, rustic chunks.

Spinach – or any green leafy plant such as collards, mustard or dandelion greens

Olive oil – an assload of it.

Cannellini beans – just use canned, and do NOT drain the gooey juice.

How to make the Awesome happen:

Cook the garlic in the olive oil until it turns golden brown.  At this point, scoop out the garlic and set aside.  Now put the sausage in with the onion.  The onion and sausage should cook to done-ness in about the same time, but a quick slice into the sausage will tell you if they’re cooked – clear juice means you’re good.  Set the onion and sausage aside.

Add your greens to the seasoned oil, with more oil to your preference.  Wilt the greens.  At this stage, a splash of white wine adds perfect flavor.  Dump in the cannellini beans with their juice and stir until very thick.

Add back the garlic, sausage and onion long enough to warm them.


The best way to make yourself happy-sick on this is to put a sausage into a bowl, cover it with the greeny-beany-delicious awesome, and serve with crusty Italian bread to mop up the Awesome.  Parmesan is optional and totally not required.

This is really a one-pot, one bowl dish of hearty, rustic Italian gut-bomb awesome.  Make some and be ready to slap yourself because it’s so damn good.

67 Responses to “Cookin’ With Rants: Italian Awesome”

  1. This is awesome – good food, easy clean up. Thanks for sharing

  2. I am totally making this dish this week – thanks! Greens and beans really do rock. 🙂

  3. ERMAHGERD! You got the drool ducts functioning Rants. Love anything with greens. Need to send you a recipe for Joe’s Special, which is a dish using meat and kale (plus lots of garlic and parmesan cheese) that’s a San Francisco tradition.
    Can’t beat a one pot dinner!

    Thanks for the recipe. Copy and pasting into Word so I can print it out and enjoy the tastiness which you so lovingly describe.
    ~Miss R
    The Martha Fucking Stewart of the Sierras

  4. dentaleggs Says:

    My mouth was watering as I was reading the recipe. I believe I’ll be cooking the dish up this week.

    Also, I’d like to take a moment and say thank you. Thank you for your sacrifice to the country. Hope you have a content Vet’s Day.


  5. As a foodie…we call this Italian Sausage and Cannelloni Beans, but I like Italian Awesome as well. Mascarpone cheese can be added as well.

  6. You oughta warn a fella. I drag myself back to the computer, after a full day of worshipping the porcelain god – and you’re cookin’ Italian for breakfast. I’ll follow Rachel’s advice and copy it for later in the week, when I’m alive.

    Are you a veteran on Veterans’ Day, if you’re still in?? 😕 Oh Hell, here’s a salute to you, and a bunch for the boys! 😀

  7. NotAPunkRocker Says:

    This sounds great, minus onions of course 🙂

  8. You’re hired. I’m not too picky on time served, but I do like to have dinner finished by 8pm.

  9. I’m doing this tonight for dinner. Like actually, for reals. Also, what recipe isn’t improved by a healthy assload of olive oil?! I’ve even had good chocolate and ice cream with olive oil in!

  10. Hey, I make this dish all the time for my daughter, except without the sausage to make it veggie. She loves it – Yum!

    Italian dish…starts with S, ends in I…have you considered spaghetti?

  11. I’m cautious about this, because the ingredients as stand alones make me not happy. Put together? That could be a different story.

  12. Sounds like a spezzatino. Awesome is right!

  13. whiteladyinthehood Says:

    I have never heard of anything like this. I just know country food, but I love me some spinach! mmm.. sounds really good. Would this post be like page 42 of the cookbook?
    Hope you had a nice Veterans Day, you rock Rants!

  14. Don´t do this to me. I´m starting to salivate.

    You know I just got nominated, how the fuck does that happen. They told me to brag about it. Not my fault.

  15. Sounds wonderful & vampire repelling at the same time!

  16. I started drooling just reading the ingredients……… 🙂

  17. That sounds delicious. which is why we wrote it down. Hi we’re new to your blog by way of mutual blogging friend, White Lady In The Hood. Have to say the recipe sounds amazing and we will be trying it this week. Luv cannellini beans as well as anything with Italian sausage. As for the name, sounds right to us. As long as it tastes good, you can call it anything you like! LOL

  18. How did I not know about this recipe? My Italian ancestors must be rolling over in their very stylish graves.

  19. Just checking back by – hope you had a great Thanksgiving

  20. […] when dreary winter crushed spirits and soothing thoughts needed, when a child went missing, when a recipe was sought, when there were remodeling troubles, dogs needed rescues, when Gingers needed support, […]

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