I really wanted to back this post out yesterday.  However, in my addled and sleep-interrupted state I could barely remember my own name and felt grateful that I’d remembered to put on pants before showing up for work.  You see, steady readers, a perfect storm of events – usually known as Karma – conspired to bitchslap me silly yesterday.

By the way, this is not a rant against or even about Daylight Savings Time.  I personally think it’s a great idea, right up there with pockets on shirts and sliced bread (too bad I don’t eat bread anymore).  I’ve always loved the ‘Springing Forward’ part, when I could play outside longer or continue to squeeze in more yardwork or grilling.  The best was living in Fort Knox, on the Western side of the Eastern Time Zone.  The daylight went on until past nine at night.

Fast forward to this weekend.  First, only blind chance reminded of me on Sunday that we’d collectively (except for you, Arizona) ‘Fallen Back.’  Sort of like backing it up, or twerking, neither of which I can possibly execute well.  I realized it had been 9AM for an hour, and did facepalm and thanked my Android phone for being smart where I was not.  I dutifully reset every clock, appliance and LED-having time-thingy in the house.  Then I proceeded to work my ass off for the rest of the day.

Interesting fact #1 about the Rants Alarm Clock: it has a little button that automatically switches from DST to Standard.  Total win!  However, it also happens to move the alarm back at the same time.  The alarm time is not displayed, by the way.  So, fatigued already, I declared victory and took a dent out of a case of beer.  That night, I managed to thrash off my CPAP and so I did not truly sleep.

Monday morning, the usual Noise From Hell woke me and I did my Braille routine of chemistry, ablutions and mindless wandering until I happened to see the stove clock: 3:45.  Fabulous.  My options were to attempt to figure out the alarm and rescue the remainder of the hour, or just be brave.  In the end, my ass decided for me – after two days of hauling heavy stuff up and down four flights of stairs, my hips, ass and thighs felt like a rusty set of guitar strings tightened past the fuck-me point.

Ever had one of those days when it took you all day just to wake up?

66 Responses to “Daylight”

  1. I was at a party Saturday night and we were playing a game, when, at the stroke of 2 a.m., everyone instinctively knew it was time. It was almost like NYE, with a sudden, “Hey! It’s only 1 am! Let’s play another round.” Truly weird.

    Hawaii doesn’t observe, either. In theory, I’m one hour closer to my kid. So, there’s that.

  2. I always have a hard time waking up but it’s balanced by having a hard time falling asleep too. So I’ve got that going for me.

  3. Taking all day to wake up is nothing. I’ve had entire weeks that felt like it was Monday.

  4. Many, many times! I hate the change in time. Twice a year the clocks kick my ass! Bet you glutes are in fine shape after all those stairs – only good thing about working your ass off 🙂

  5. Time is a fickle mistress and man’s attempt to manage it always goes awry. It’s like deciding tomorrow we’re gonna set gravity for half so all that shit you have to lug upstairs isn’t so heavy. Never works out the way we plan.

  6. Sometimes, Rants, it seems like it takes me until bed time to wake up.

  7. Daylight Savings Time slammed me, too. Just leave the clocks alone already. I heard my husband remove his CPAP (yes, he’s in the club) this am and go downstairs. I finally couldn’t take it anymore; thinking it was almost time to get up anyway, I looked at the clock: 3:56. Damn it.

  8. I can’t get past you enjoying “Spring Forward.” That’s so positive of you. I’m all smiles in the Fall when my day is longer, but in the Spring I’m a cranky, bitchy sourpuss all day, as if the government has taxed my day or thieves came in and stole an hour from me.

  9. Wait! I’m bad at math, but… does this mean you usually wake up at 4:45?

  10. Yeah, I gotta throw my hat in the “every day” ring. But I figure it’s karma paying me back, since there were many days, whether in college (partying, not studying, you silly boy!), during my sci-fi con days, or in re-enacting season where I never even made it to bed!
    Be grateful your clock isn’t running older Windows. My PDA and my wife’s PC reset themselves a couple weeks ago, so we moved them forward to the correct time. Then her PC received a fix, and set itself back an hour AFTER she manually set it back! (My PDA is so old, I just hold it upside down to let the correct amount of sand shift in the timer. 😉 )

  11. Coughemailcough. Yes, every day. I didn’t mind reverting to non DLS; however, since I live 7 degrees west of the east central time zone line, night comes at 415pm. Now it sucks.

  12. I often have those days. Perhaps this comes from believing that I should be awarded a medal for getting out of bed EACH AND EVERY DAY.

  13. whiteladyinthehood Says:

    awww that sucks! Hope you slept better last night.

  14. Most of the time these days I feel like I’m only half awake at most. The nights are blurs of diaper changes, screaming fits, feedings, walkings…

  15. Today is Thursday but I flew home last night arriving at the airport on Wednesday night after a 15 hour flight that left Tuesday morning at 7:30 am. Need I say more?

  16. After you’ve had a nap, stop in for the blog, and stay for the awards. 🙂

  17. I am still there…

  18. Daylights saving time for me is always something that I have a hard time getting used to. Most of the time I forget about it. While waking up the next day with a little hang over I noticed the time was changed. I was thankful for the extra hour of sleep, however I do not like how it gets dark so fast. So hard to get used to!

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