Random Thought #61

Holy awesomesauce fuck-chunks!  Last night I tried on and comfortably wore a pair of Levi’s 501’s I got my junior year of high school.  Fuck yeah!

68 Responses to “Random Thought #61”

  1. I can fit into Fatty Lardson’s jeans from Junior year… (don’t ask why I’m wearing Fatty Lardson’s jeans…)

  2. You’re like Benjamin Button!

    The shirt I bought last week fits fine too.

  3. NotAPunkRocker Says:

    Color me jealous…but good job if that was your goal!

  4. WOW! you gotta post a link to your crash diet method again, I forget the title of the post…. or better yet, you should package that shit and market it! The Rants Diet. Millions….

  5. So, I’m a fuck-chunk? Is that the real? point of this post?

  6. Says something about the way the world spins when a pair of jeans outlasts………. well fill in the blank I’m sure there are many things that apply here. And grats!!

  7. soooo how old ARE those jeans? And why were you saving them? Just curious.
    Congrats, must feel awesome!

  8. Hawt. Nice ass, Rants…

  9. whiteladyinthehood Says:

    Fantastic! (What, no before and after picture?)

  10. ‘No white foods’…I seem to be losing an internal battle with myself on the issue of the color of potatoes. Most are brown, some are red, and the insides are ‘off-white’, right? 😦 Anyway, way to freakin’ work it and congrats! 🙂

  11. I bet denim never looked so good.

  12. What an accomplishment! Congrats! So I take it you’ve reached your weight goal?

  13. I’ve got a pocket knife from that far back, but the only thing I can still get into, is the hospital gown I wore when they took my tonsils out. My ass just sticks out a little farther. 😉

  14. It’s great when you realise your old favourite pair of Converse All-Stars still fit you. Not so great when your Mum realises they also fit her 😦

  15. dentaleggs Says:

    Oh, crap! I was wondering why I wasn’t receiving your updates and I saw I wasn’t following! What the hell happened?! Sorry for this non-sequiter but what the heck did I click and when?! Aw, man. Hope you’re doing well, BR.

  16. If you fit into your pants from junior high, and they don’t look like capri pants…

    you might just be a tanker!

  17. Did you leave the tag on so people can see the size?

    BTW, If it’s 40/30, bravo for fessing up.

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