Rantswers® 4.0

Here we are, heading into the fourth installment of Rantswers®, the awesome and interactive blog event where I come up with answers to your questions in my bubbly, apocalyptic approach.  First, a quick review of the rules:

* You see this post, are fascinated, and want some humorous abuse from me. Perhaps you have a serious question, either type or both is fine.

* You scroll on down and post your question using the comment feature.

* Rants (uhm, me) reads and swings for the fence when he answers.

* You watch your subscription emails or the reader and stand by for the follow up. When you see the Rantswers® coming, you return, immediately hit the ‘like’ button, and enjoy the asshattery.

* Rantswers® happens monthly, generally around mid-month.

* Serious questions, as noted above, are allowed but if you desire a sincere answer please indicate as such, or you’ll get a Rantswer®. They look the same but taste different.

This month, Rantswers® will close comments at midnight on Saturday the 19th.

Ready? Go! 

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72 Responses to “Rantswers® 4.0”

  1. Pickles, Red onions, chili pepers – which picked if you can only have one?

  2. What is the difference between an answer and a Rantswer?

  3. Seriously now. Recently one of the finalist for American Hero Dogs was a highly trained military dog that served many years then was handed over to the Afghan military and left with them. Later a UN force saw the dog, realized it was being mistreated and abused by the handlers. He managed to get to the right group and the dog shipped back to the US where it has been retired and adopted despite the health problems from the ill treatment.
    I know it costs to ship big equipment and stuff back here, but how do you feel about leaving valuable equipment and assets behind? You’ve been there – hard to get real info about it here.

  4. I’ve got nothing…

  5. If it was so easy, would everyone really be doing it?

  6. I’m moving books from home to my office and vice versa and it’s a more emotional exercise than any rational person would care to admit. I don’t have a Kindle and while there are times when I think , nay, know it would be convenient, there’s something about my print copies that I have a hard time parting with them.

    You seem to like books. Do you have a strong opinion on Kindle versus hard copy?

    Note that I included ‘nay,’ ‘versus,’ and two mentions of ‘hard,’ so take your pick: serious or humorous Rantswer.

    • Choices, choices…

    • Allow me. This is my specialty.

      I was thumbing through my books (I keep all my old books) and a piece of paper fluttered out of my old, tattered paperback of To Kill a Mockingbird. It was a ticket from when I rode the tube in London in 2005. I looked at the date and timestamp. I was flooded with memories, some that had been forgotten and needed to be unlocked. A similar event occurred long ago when I discovered a note from an old lover tucked into a book. Heartbreak anew. I like the fragrance that rifled pages give off. I love trolling up and down the aisles of a bookstore. One revelation or “I forgot about him!” author after another.

      Good luck with any of those pleasures using a Kindle.

      Kindles are the beginning of the end of civilization.

    • At the risk of annoying the Ranty one, I have to toss in a couple of cents.
      Some things are worth the inconvenience, like books, children, and pets. I’ve got two e-readers and haven’t used either one in months. E-readers are useful for long trips and doctor’s offices. For every day use, I choose bound pages.

  7. 1. What’s your preference? Strawberry, grape, KY, or petroleum jelly?
    2. What is sexy? Or better yet… What isn’t sexy?

  8. A Marine, a Sailor, and a Soldier walk into a bar…what happens?

  9. If nothing comes to mind and you press on and put it in a sentence, it is still nothing?

  10. And do you like Demi Moore or Less?

  11. In your opinion, the best war movie…

  12. What do you think of me?

  13. What is my major malfunction?

  14. How far would you travel to meet a blogger in person? Would you bother?

  15. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Serious & rantswer please

  16. The Elite of Just Alright Says:

    Four part post here…

    1) Bros or hoes?
    2) Blondes or brunettes?
    3) Fake or natural?
    4) John Erickson or me?

  17. Ginger or Mary Ann?

  18. For the world benefit, you could exist in the world for two months consecutively. The remaining you would spend in animation.which months would they be? Why? Your family will not know you. Serious and not. Thank you as always.

  19. The zombie apocalypse is here. You can hit the armoury for one, and ONLY one thing. Do you grab:
    a) An M249 SAW
    b) A Mk19 40mm auto grenade launcher, or
    c) A lowly M-16/M-4, knowing you can get ammo pretty much anywhere?
    (Don’t worry about selection d – edged weapons. I got that covered in spades. 😉 )

  20. Drawing on your vast professional military experience, at what point do you get promoted from Captain Catastrophe to Major Malfunction?

  21. What are the rules in a knife fight?

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