Random Thought #58

There is a very fine line between eating a Girl Scout Cookie and eating a Girl Scout’s Cookie. Grammar and punctuation are very important. Make sure you know the difference. Fourteen might be the new sixteen, but it will still get you twenty to twenty-five, you sick fuck.


34 Responses to “Random Thought #58”

  1. Some days I miss the classroom more than I can stand. This is one of those days because I would so totally use this as the daily mini-lesson for my Advanced Comp students.

    Or I would have before the invention of the cell phone camera.

  2. Soooooooo….I’m not even going to try to imagine what mental state or substances you ingested to arrive at this thought. I’ll just say…you are correct, sir.

  3. Back to gramma school. Spell check changed to grammar school…I changed it back, so there.

  4. From a Cheech & Chong bit abut basketball (Tyrone Shoelaces)

    Guy: Coach, let’s talk about your record…

    Coach: …I didn’t she was 13….Hell, she looked 15 anyway…

  5. I’m glad you focused on nouns here.
    It would be awful to watch you conjugating around girl scouts…

    And no, I was not the sick fuck with this thought in my head til I read yours.
    So thanks for that! (And won’t HR be amused when they audit my pc…)

  6. So you are headed next to being a professor, social worker, or law enforcement? People ought to be lining up to hire you as consultant

  7. LMBO punctuation is everything!

  8. 1) I’m intrigued with how your mind works.
    2) I’ve corrected grammatically incorrect Facebook status’ while drunk.
    3) Again your random thought doubles as a PSA. A double PSA at that…

  9. What do they want you to consult? Your navel? Hahahahaha! 😉

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