Drunken Twittering…

Yeah.  So my good friend and blogging buddy, Twindaddy, recently availed himself of a significant life change.  Afterwards, standing victorious over the slain bones and juicy fragments of his enemas… uhm, enemies, he threw down his keyboard gauntlet in a challenge of bloggetary proportions, albeit microbloggetary… shit, more Rantionary terms there!

What the Stormtrooper-clad blogging force proposed was a night of drunk texts on Twitter.  Being a huge fan of beer myself, and facing his similar situation here in LOVELY, FLAT BORING-ASS KANSAS (yes, fuck you, you know who you are you dickless twat), I opted to pick up his sullied handgear and slap him manfully about his face and shoulders and junk.  I said, “And let it be known, by all men great and small, that our epic quest has commenced.”  And then I apologized for the shot to the nards.

Thusly and with fortitude, go here:  Rants’ Twitter and prepare to urinate thyself in epic fashion.  Or, go here: Twindaddy’s Twits.

The ongoing malt-fueled (mead, if you will) textual duel is ongoing, and is awesomesauce!!!

Fuck You

Step 1: Eat Shit. Step 2. Die.

131 Responses to “Drunken Twittering…”

  1. Have fun! Taking your word for it. Getting my own drunk on.

  2. Hooray for drunk twittering!!

  3. If @claudiabette decides to pop a cold one after the eecycle, she’l kick both your butts.
    Oh, and @notapunkrocker and @writinginboots are making you both look like lightweights.
    Rock on ladies!

  4. Also check out http://t.co/KyKR9CaIuZ , Melanie and Claudia Bette (http://deliberatedonkey.wordpress.com/ and http://claudiabette.wordpress.com/ for more with Twitting links!

  5. Got the drunk part down, heading to twitter … To observe, not to tweet. Confession: it took me five minutes just to type this comment. Thankful for autocorrect.

  6. Just shredded here…liver is too. Oh well!

  7. At 1/2 a beer, I can still spell awesomesauce. 🙂

  8. That line of comments was thoroughly entertaining. Thanks for sharing some new insults I have not heard of. Douchewaggler? I like it!

  9. This is just as entertaining to read sober the next day after work as it seems to have been typing it drunk.
    On the bright side, when I laughed, no beer came out my nose, so…

  10. Love this! I always drunk tweet and then have to go through my tweets the next morning and delete them all.

  11. It’s all making sense now… I apologise I couldn’t join you but it may not have been appropriate to be drunk at 8am on a Sunday morning…

  12. Catching you guys in the whirlwind that is Twitter is always a treat!

  13. I can’t drink anymore, and I never could tweet, but watching this party was….enlightening. Here’s a large black coffee. I’ll clean up the empties. 🙄

  14. All this merriment would be so much cheaper to do in Canada, where beer is REAL beer! Drink half as much & get just as drunk or conversely drink the same amount & get twice as drunk!

  15. Dammit, I missed all the fucking fun! Ugh…

  16. […] that I haven’t played along in a drunken Twitter party, or deleted my fair share of “what the fuck was I thinking” plenty of times. I got […]

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