Rantswers 2.0

Hey everyone, it’s time for more Rantswers!®  I can hardly believe that almost a month has passed since the kick-off session with Rantswers 1.0.  But, entropy only goes in one direction, even if Neil DeGrasse Tyson can’t explain why.  He’s still cool with me.

For anyone not familiar with Rantswers®, some rules and explanation:

* You see this post, are fascinated, and want some humorous abuse from me.  Perhaps you have a serious question, either type or both is fine.

* You scroll on down and post your question using the comment feature.

* Rants (uhm, me) reads and swings for the fence when I answer.

* You watch your subscription emails or the reader and stand by for the follow up.  When you see the Rantswers® coming, you return, immediately hit the ‘like’ button, and enjoy the douchebaggery.

* Rantswers® happens monthly, generally around mid-month.

* Serious questions, as noted above, are allowed but if you desire a sincere answer please indicate as such, or you’ll get a Rantswer®.  They look the same but taste different.

This month, Rantswers® will close comments on Sunday the 18th when I wake up.

Ready?  Go!

For past Rantswers®, click this sentence!


59 Responses to “Rantswers 2.0”

  1. Rants – I am trying to decide if I should get a husband or just buy 3 more cats? Pros and cons of each option?

  2. The Elite of Just Alright Says:

    So I met a freshman at school. Yay/nay?

  3. NotAPunkRocker Says:

    Neil DeGrasse Tyson, heh? True fan, or trying to appeal to the young, hip, science-geek-as-it-pertains-to-Reddit audience?

  4. If children are a future does that mean that I will be even more immature once I clear middle age, and should I be keeping children in the freezer until I need them for aforementioned future?

  5. 1. Why did you decide on going into the military?
    2. If you had to sacrifice one in order to save your life, would it be your woobie or Fred?
    3. Have you ever scorched one of your ass hairs when farting?
    4. You have to marry one, screw one, kill one…Hillary Clinton, Condoleeza Rice, Janet Reno.
    5. Same question- George clooney, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt.

  6. What’s the best combination of ingredients to build the perfect sandwich/sub?

  7. Do you have to go back to the Big Suck? How can you keep from having to do that? I know you have a a bald pate, but how many hairs do you have on your chinny-chin-chin?

  8. Conflating Jamie’s #4 & 5 with Chris’s lunchtime query, you have to make one, eat one, and give one to Fred: turkey club, BLT, grilled cheese with bacon.

  9. No question – just can’t wait for the followup rantswers.

  10. The Elite of Just Alright Says:

    Another question….where in the world is John Erickson?

  11. 1. Can a woman teach a man to grill? If so, should she?
    2. If you knew you only had one hour left, how would you spend those 60 minutes?
    3. How old is too old for tequila body shots?

  12. Melanie Says:

    Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

  13. Ipad Mini or Nexus 7.2 ?

  14. I have a blogging friend who denies that she, or any other female, passes gas or takes dumps. How do I finally get her to face reality?

  15. Why is it that when I’m standing
    in a line the person behind me thinks they will get to the front of the line faster by standing 1 inch behind me. This happened to me just today while standing in line for Space Mountain at Disneyland. If it wasn’t in Disneyland and his daughter wasn’t with him I would have turned around and told him he should buy me a drink first before trying to have his way with me. Ugh!

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