Random Thought #57

I had an interesting moment with my soon-to-be-ex cat.  Ever had a string come out of your ass when shitting?  Yes?  No?  I was just wondering exactly how that feels, and the best way to deal with it.  Walk around trailing, or pull?

Just in case.  Just sayin.’

60 Responses to “Random Thought #57”

  1. I like that your random thoughts are numbered. Are they numbered randomly?

    (I’m new here. I started poking around the other night and then realized I myself get a little creeped out when I see someone’s been poking around in my old posts and I start to wonder if they’re eyeing my liver for a side of fava beans and a nice chianti, so I thought to send you an email to say I wasn’t eyeing your liver for a side of fava beans and a nice chianti and then I realized that it creeps me out even more when someone pokes around in my old posts and then sends me an email. Therefore, I don’t know whether your random thoughts are randomly numbered. Random Comment #1)

    • Yes, though the thoughts come to me randomly, my Type-5A brain numbers them sequentially. Put ‘random thought’ into the search bar on the front page or click the tag and get all 57. Roam here all you like. I’d love to meet the person brave enough to eat MY liver…

  2. Oh dear. Breakfast must be put aside til later…

  3. Every cat that I know loves string. I don’t pay attention much. I just wipe. I would hope that took care of any string.

  4. Ignore it. That’s what the cat gets…

  5. My cat does that. Don’t pull…it could be wrapped around something. My sisters cat had surgery for eating string!

    • So its like a Talky Tina doll whose talker wind-up is broken…

      • Ahahahaha! Oh, sorry. Laughing at cat butt at such an occurrence is probably not appropriate. However, as someone who has a neurotic cat whose love jones is string and tape (not Scotch but reel-to-reel…I was a dj in college and my husband is a musician so we still have and use all that old school equipment), I’ve been there. Said nine-lived spawn managed to eat giant lengths of tape and the first time was miserable, yowling all over the house with the end sticking out of his butt. We didn’t have the cash to have him cut open so we left him (were on our way out of town but informed the animal sitter about him) and prayed. When we got back, he looked at us like “What’s the matter with you–I’m good” and we discovered a turd spool in the back litter box. It was crazy. I don’t know how he got it out. He still eats string. Oh, and those paper-covered twist ties off the bread if they fall on the floor. Maybe we should put him on that TV show Freaks–he could help pay for his litter and food…

        Okay, now you know more than enough about my cat and his butt. Carry on–nothing left to see here. Well, there probably is, but I have my own blog for that… 😉

        • Wow. Just… THAT IS FUCKING AWESOME!!! We’ve done Easter basket plastic grass, but never reel-to-reel tape. I understand that is really the best recording medium still. Undigested and unshat, of course.

          • It is definitely still a fabulous recording medium! It is obviously quite sturdy as none of it seemed to have digested whilst inside the wayward animal. We did not, however take the time to unravel it to test its fidelity so we will agree with you that its integrity is best when unshat at least…

          • Well, I’m just assuming (because you know how tape works physics-wise) that the cat got a massive iron dosage. Yay Fucking Cat!

  6. Sure it’s a string…could be a worm.
    Not touching either.

  7. Generally, I don’t eat string, so I’m hoping this won’t be an issue.

    Now if you asked what it was like to pull a linear foot of gauze (about 3″ wide) out of your testicle, well, then I might have something to say.

  8. Ughhh this happens to my dog and he does a sort of rocket butt scootch on the ground until it comes off. No way I’m picking a shit-covered string outta his grimy hole.

  9. Melanie Says:

    I’m sorry he’s a soon-to-be-ex cat.

  10. This post just demanded a pic!

  11. whiteladyinthehood Says:

    Your mind is dark and twisted.
    (and I know those words are a compliment to you – so you’re welcome)

  12. I love cats, with barbecue sauce and served with beans and guacamole. Ice tea makes it a meal.

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