Only In ‘Murrica

Please check out “Long Awkward Pause.” The idea of Chris DeVoss, I am now associated with him and five other outstanding bloggers. Today is my inaugural post among this esteemed and talented crowd.

First I want to say thanks to Chris DeVoss and all the other awesome bloggers here on A Long Awkward Pause.  It’s always humbling to be invited to write by others, especially when they do it so much better than you.  Chris sent me my first topic: Twinkies.  My reply was something like, “WTF?” but here we are, and here we go.

twinkiesWhat can you say about Twinkies?  I mean really?  Even before I transitioned to my rabbit food diet, I never liked the disgusting little turd-shaped… whatever they are.  The package says they’re cakes, but I’m not convinced.  Also, I have a problem with putting things in my mouth bearing the description, “cream-filled.”  Not that there’s anything wrong with that, just not for me.

I was suffering through my sentence in Kabul, Afghanistan, when the epic news of the demise of the Twinkie broke.  I watched with…

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4 Responses to “Only In ‘Murrica”

  1. Headed over – sounds sweet

  2. Nothing like calling a spade a spade Rants! Congrats on being associated with such auspicious company. I don’t know why but Chris de Voss was a friend of mine on FB for a long time (had no idea who he was but I must have seen something interesting from him on Twitter or something). Just recently I haven’t seen much from him there, so maybe he re-tooled his friends or something.

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