Random Thought #55

Zippers. On blue jeans… for men. Why?

Ouch, sometimes.

That is all.


59 Responses to “Random Thought #55”

  1. whiteladyinthehood Says:

    Especially for the little guys…one time Chuck zipped himself up…I thought we were going to have to do surgery! The look of total SHOCK and pain on his face was terrible. (I tried to help him)…thank goodness the nurse was still there…

  2. Are you bragging?

  3. I’d rather have a zipper than a button fly.
    Personal preference I guess…

  4. I can see why men would feel this way. I wonder what the reaction was when the first zipper-fly jeans came out. Guys must have said,”Are they out of their fucking minds??”

  5. The Elite of Just Alright Says:

    One of those days?

  6. Never thought about that before, but yeah. You’re right, it could he painful…so now I have to because you made it easy when you walked through that door. Do you know they make jeggings, too? Sorry.

  7. Shimoniac Says:

    Personally, I wear jeans with zippers and have never had a problem. On the issue of jeggings, or spandex for men, OH HELL, NO!

  8. sitting here with my legs crossed…cringing

  9. Bound to be a conspiracy.
    (better than lacing?)

  10. Scenes of Something About Mary “WE GOT A BLEEDER” bring tears to my eye.

  11. hey brilliant post I’m a massive bingo fan from Ireland

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