Cooking With Rants: Crock Pot Wonders #1 – Carne Verde

Okay, so in spite of my personal challenges here on the “home” front, I’m still cooking.  Why?  Because hungry.

Today I’m bringing you a very quick and easy recipe for Mexican-style burrito filling, for those of you who … like me … exist mainly on stuff rolled up in a tortilla.

This can be made many different ways, so your choice of meat source is going to be variable.  The result is burrito filling, plain and simple.  I prefer to use beef, mainly leftover roasts, steak and whatever has cow meat that is a frozen leftover.  Alternately, you could buy some big, lovely cuts in the supermeatawesomedepartment and just go with that.  Here are the ingredients:

Lots of beef, not ground, about 4-5 pounds worth (pork optional, with caveats) – precooked works as well.

4 or 5 cans of diced green chiles (I like Ortega) – to taste, can use frest jalapenos or habaneros.

1 whole onion, sliced up thin in 1″ sections, or smaller to your preference.

2-3 beef bullion cubes.

Cumin (dry, ground) to taste.

Garlic to taste (fresh minced/crushed, or powdered).

2 Tbl bacon fat (optional).



I take leftover steak, roast and about any other beef (except ground) out of the freezer and put it all in a crock pot when I have accumulated enough.  Alternately, you can buy two large roasts and throw them in fresh, or raid the cut-rate meat freezer in your supermarket for beef.  This is about five pounds of beef, all said and done.  Trim obvious lumps of white fat off of your meat now and discard.  Put the meat in the crock, frozen or otherwise, and set the crock to whatever time cooking range is suitable, but the longer the better.

Cut the onion to your liking, add to crock pot with the beef.  Pour in water to cover everything, with two cubes of beef bullion for salt and flavor.  NOTE: bullion has a lot of salt as a product, so reserve salting your work until it is done, and after tasting.  The bullion adds a huge punch of flavor.  You can also add beef gravy packets (2) for thicker product at the end.

Add garlic and cumin.  Fresh diced garlic works, and if you want to do this use an entire knot.  If using powdered, granulated or similar, use to taste but add slowly and let the heat cook the flavor in as you go.

As the meat cooks in the water, open and add the cans of green chiles.  Put three in to start, then add one of the two remaining cans to taste, up to five.  Substitution: fresh jalapenos or habaneros are good, but know how long to cook them to your taste for appropriate hotness.  Heat dulls the effects of capcicin.

Cook meat down until it self-shreds.  Use a potato masher for faster results, but the meat will ultimately reduce to a shredded form after about six hours.  Roll in burritos, or add carne asada seasoning while frying batches for serving.  Use lime juice as a flavor enhancer in all forms if desired.

Add more garlic or some recaito (your choice here) if you like.  Salt as the same, and add pepper or cumin to taste.

You will be left with a mass of shredded, cooked chile verde.  If you eschew beef, you can easily substitute pork for this recipe, but be mindful that pork requires far less seasoning when cooking because it truly is another white meat.  I usually add two teaspoons of bacon fat for flavor and body while cooking, but this is not essential to success.

When complete, eat in burrito form, or just in a bowl with cilantro as a garnish.  This recipe freezes perfectly with no degradation to texture or flavor.

Suggested sides:

Refried beans are mandatory for any Mexican dish and go well with this.  This meat can be used in tacos as well.  For burritos, add cheese before rolling.  Mexican rice recipes complement this as well.  Margaritas will wash the strong beef flavor from the palate very well.



43 Responses to “Cooking With Rants: Crock Pot Wonders #1 – Carne Verde”

  1. Bacon fat is never optional, Brain!!

  2. Cooking is therapy…you have sharp objects and all the other things that go with…including eating (not too much).

  3. Do you want to kill human species? My cholesterol is already over the roof…fuck it I´ll order a 4 cheese with bacon pizza. Better die fat and happy than slim and happy.

  4. I saved myself some time and just went to Taco Bell. Now THAT’S authentic Mexican food.

  5. The most important thing in Carne Verde is to makes sure it’s not the meat that’s green.

    And now I’m hungry.

    Something on my list of things to do is to enter a chili cook-off. Need to dig up some of my old cook friends…

  6. While, upon freezing, this culinary masterpiece may not suffer any “flavor degradation”, if you store it in Tupperware, you will suffer “plastic degradation”.

    In other words, this is the Perfect Meal.

  7. Dude. Bacon fat “optional”? What the fuck? Also, I appreciate that you used the word “eschew” here. You get bonus points for that.

  8. This sounds like something that comes out hotter than it goes in. Love the recipe except for all the chilies!

  9. Nice recipe and benzeknees, green chiles are not hot. You could change out beef/pork here for chicken breasts as well and oh and use chicken bouillon instead…obviously.

  10. I don’t have a sweet clue what the fuck this stuff is, but it sounds tasty…anything with bacon fat has GOT to be good, right? yeah.

  11. Reblogged this on One Starving Activist and commented:
    A great Friday meal!

  12. And in addition to food wonderfulness reblogged, I had to nominate you for an award:

  13. whiteladyinthehood Says:

    mmmm…sounds good!

  14. Sounds familiar. Yum.
    Oh for your healthy eater visitors, use this meat to make taco salad on a plate: chips, shredded lettuce, salsa ( equal amounts of tomatoes, red onions, cilantro, mangos – if you want in summer- squeeze fresh lime over and chill a bit) add meat and cheese on top of it all – add your choice of dressing or eat plain.
    (It’s for those who come over and turn up noses at burritos – use very lean meat – no cheese if you like – it’s pretty healthy eating. Seriously.)
    You can also use chipotle peppers in adobo sauce when cooking meat, too
    Great for left overs after burrito night.
    Once again: Yummy post!

  15. Awesome! I think the bullion is what mine’s been missing since I started trying to make my own chile verde.

    Hatch Chile season can’t come soon enough!!!!

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