Random Thought #54

Is it a waste of time to worry about when the Sun dies?  Morgan Freeman said it would happen.  Five billion years is like… tomorrow.  Shit.


52 Responses to “Random Thought #54”

  1. I trust Morgan Freeman, too. We’re going to be in deep shit when the sun goes out. I bought some candles but I don’t think that’s going to be enough. I’ll go to Costco and buy more.

  2. WHAT?!?
    On the bright side, I guess that means there’s no point in taking out the trash…

  3. Morgan Freeman is almost God. Surely they know each other, maybe Morgan Freeman can talk God out of it…

    • I suspect you’re correct. I think Morgan Freeman has a contract for God’s voice-overs and such. I’m waiting to hear back. Him, and Sofia Vergara. I can hope.

  4. Me worry?? Nevah…;-). Actually, that is the last thing I think before I go to bed…what if the sun dies? Now that I have 5 billion years, I will relax…unless 5 billion years turns into tomorrow. Shit.

    Like your new picture, banner or whatever it is called. Very peaceful looking.

    • Exactly. Shit!… the Sun is supernova-ing… damn, and Mom always said wear clean underwear…

      • Moms are smart like that…Fuck, time to do some laundry…

        • Me too, dammit. All 68 pair of them… or something like that.

          • you frightened me -difficult task- until I realized again your line of work. you knbow, Guap may know where to get some good deals. Miss the fab Paki places in Brooklyn. Cheap underwear for miles!!! Luckily they were in packages and not on the owner’s or staff’s ass.

          • Me and Pakis have a tenuous relationship you know. I’m not down with Pakistan’s (“POKisSTAN’S” if you’re Obama) take on our effort to unfuck Central Asia.

            On the assloads of underwear, yes: more is betta.’

            Thanks, Rach!

  5. Morgan Freeman follows me around repeartng everything I say and I HEARD him say this. It is true.
    Sadly, he ate all of my bacon and had to be fired. Fucker.

  6. Morgan Freeman built stuff for Batman, so he is like smart and stuff. Everyone needs to take heed.

  7. I read this post in Morgan Freeman’s voice. And it made everything ok

  8. hahaahahahaha. sorry rants but that was fuckin’ funny

  9. Hmmmm…what’s your drink of choice tonight?

  10. Yummy! Me likey Coors light, have a few more for me!

  11. Your “Carne Verde” will outlive the Sun. So there’s always that.

  12. Make sure you have your “SAD” lamp handy to get your daily dose of Vitamins D & K!

  13. WHAT!!!? RUN .. RUN!!!! RUN EVERYONE….oh wait..nowhere to run to, nevermind.

  14. whiteladyinthehood Says:

    Well, it sucks about the sun….but Morgan Freeman is too cool.

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