Le Clown Militaire

Le Clown, bored and shivering cold in Canadiana, asked me one day to host him on his grand tour of the U.S. I put some thought into it, and came up with an awesome and action-packed day.


23 Responses to “Le Clown Militaire”

  1. No Clowning. Heading over to there (do I need to watch for snipers?)

  2. Left a comment over at Le Clown’s palace. Rants, this piece was total brilliance! Dear god my sides hurt from laughing.

  3. OK, I screwed up big time – I commented over at LeClown’s thinking you had changed your blog (facepalm!) So forget I ever said anything about the new appearance of your blog but I will join you to fight Bieberisms! Most Canadians are ashamed of him too! He was cute at first, now he’s just soooooooooo annoying!

  4. Melanie Says:

    Next time you’re torturing a poor innocent at Ft. Benning, you should let me know. I’ll meet you in Columbus and reward you both with some Country’s BBQ.

    • We have Oklahoma Joe’s… google that shit…

      • Melanie Says:

        Fuck yeah! You win. I would totally dig that shit. It’s a one stop haven – fill up the car with gas, fill up the body with food, and buy liqueur for later all in the same place.

        • For later is right – either go drunk or wait, because you’re not going to fit shit else inside you after Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ. Last I went, I left walking funny I was so full.

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