Had It Up To Here

I’ve had it up to here.  In case you can’t see, I’m making a choppy motion a few inches above my bald head, which is about seventy-three inches above the floor right now while I’m wearing my combat shitkickers.  I found this photo on The Atlantic, a site I visit because they have cool photojournals of Afghanistan, and occasionally some interesting articles that are moderately vanilla enough to not spin me off into realms of pissed-off unvisited by mere mortals.

pissedoff_banner_reuters_jpgI think it sums up the train wreck of politics we Americans are forced to endure now.  It sums up for me personally my complete and utter loss of faith and confidence in anyone elected to office of any party.  For a while in Afghanistan, I toyed with the idea of switching to the Libertarian party, because at least small government is what they’re about.  Then I realized something magical and wrong happens once you’ve got your seat in The House/The Senate/The White House.  You lose your rabbit-ass mind.

So here we are, tooling along and racking up double-digit trillions of debut as a nation.  We have a war to conclude or at least transition successfully somewhere else, North Korea with aspirations of relevance and nukes to prove it and a stagnant economy constipated by over-regulation.  The mainstream/lamestream media who so slavishly wants to be a branch of government they’ll perform all sorts of unnatural acts for money are loath to point out these butt-zits on our elected officials – at least until the DoJ decides the Constitution doesn’t really matter so much and starts getting grabby with records.  Suddenly ‘Yes We Can’ sounds a lot like ‘The Hell You Will,’ doesn’t it?

And what exactly are these definitely-elected but questionably-official people doing?  Scandal-mongering.  This is about as useful these days as dragging Roger Clemens in front of a Congressional panel to testify on performance-enhancing drugs.  Where in my Constitution does it say that Congress monitors that? (Hint: nowhere).  I would compare the House and Senate to two fat chicks in Spandex having a slap fight in the Wal-Mart parking lot, but that would be an insult to fat, chicks, Spandex, Wal-Mart, parking lots and slap-fights.

There’s some meat to the Big Three scandals, sure. But what about putting reins on the debt?  What about owning up to either raising taxes or genuinely cutting something that will actually help relieve the problem?  Or maybe both.  Point here is, do something substantial.  Stop trying to distract us from the fact that you suck and can’t act to do the right thing.  Stop playing middle-school popularity games.  Stop selling our future generations into financial servitude.

Circling back, I don’t know what the right answer is.  I’m not entirely qualified to say – I defend democracy, I don’t necessarily practice it.  I used to think a third major party would help, but I’m beginning to question that idea too.  The only thing I’m sure of is my level of disgust.

72 Responses to “Had It Up To Here”

  1. Here is my rant for what is worth, I always say that you´ve elected a president that is painting his masterpiece inside the mausoleum. I could see it coming, when he said ” I will transform America” probably people thought it would go for the best after being pissed off at Georgy boy,but I know socialism because I live in a country where we´ve elected too many times the Socialist government, we are at 27,2% unemployment. It´s a system it doesn´t work, I can go on about how they work but it would be too long and there is nothing new really, you have the International Socialism which they tell you what their strategy is. It´s in the open, just google it. I went to Afghanistan while the Socialist where in power, the media was prohibited from following us, plus the spanish people don´t give a shit which is fine with me. We, according to the government were acting as peace keepers, that´s a laugh, no wonder people would ask me with a smile on their face “how was it?” as if I´d just gotten back from a vacation in Hawaii.My response,”the weather is hot” I can see from the american news (I still have enough money to afford cable), how slowly but surely Mr.O is changing America, give the people food stamps and more money for S.S, welfare, e.t.c. It sounds good in the surface a guy who looks for the poor because the rich are the worst of the worst but at the end of the day you end up with more people out of work than people working=less people paying into S:S and more people taking money until the money runs out which is inevitable. I wouldn´t blame congress too much, because socialist in this case Mr.O are masters at blaming every shit that happens on others, they´re the ballerinas of government, dancing around the opponent and the public while the public is looking at how beautiful the dance is but not knowing what it really means and the opponent feeling how the fuck I´m a able to get this thing off stage when the public seems so thrilled of seeing this beautiful show. Stay frosty.

    • CP, not to discount your well-considered response, but to be brief – I agree. I complain of this country’s creeping socialism and people look at me funny. Congratulations: you are the first Spaniard follower I’m aware of here!

      • Lived there half my life as a student, and if I hadn´t fucked up I´d sure as hell would become a U.S citizen, but you make choices.. so live with it.I´ve always been a good analyst but believe me it´s true what I said before. I´d hate if the U.S would become more of a European style “democracy”. It´s funny, over there you call one of these progressives or left-wingers socialist and they´re at your throat in a second. It maybe that the word socialism you immediately equate it with communism, which here in Spain we have communist parties and I can´t imagine that happening in the U.S. Much better the American system, two party system, if not, it´s fucking chaos like here. Even the terrorist have seats in the spanish parlament. Believe it-a guy like Mr.O who is so good at persuading the masses and I know americans(some)hate when you say this, but the fact is because I know how they think I´m part of them, that all those hispanics legal and ilegal immigrants are used to the mentality like in spain, of working their 8 hour shift expecting great salaries and then EXPECT subsidies from the government. The majority of them don´t have the american spirit of entrepreneurship and not wanting the government to baby sit them, like most hispanics including here in Spain. I know the U.S is not perfect and a lot of americans are also lazy bastards, but at the end of the day I still would want to believe and believe that you guy´s will pull your shit together and keep being number 1.If not, types like Mr.O slowly through incentives to your society like having government employees actively seeking people to get them on food stamps,(I´m not making it up) and I can give other examples as to how you create a parasite society, people who just get to the mentality of expecting government help every time they fuck up and that´s when the socialist enter and stick real good into the system, providing more incentives for people to keep looking up to them for help. I know it, I lived it here. My post maybe called crazy life but I´m not crazy. Actually pretty astute as to inside politics, family thing. Well having vent already, I´m going to start writing on my short little stories, see if they take me somewhere. So from the land of the wild bulls, read ya.
        P.S You take away the bulls from Spain and we will cause you pain.

  2. A third party would end getting bought and paid for just like the two we already have. I still maintain a major change needed is the criminalization of campaign contributions. So much goes wrong there. “Here, we’ll donate all this money to you if you vote this way once you’re elected.” Fuck that. That’s not democracy.

  3. I vote for zero government. Everything it touches turns to shit. Maybe I’m ignorant, but that is what I’m thinking. See you later.

    • Ah, a Libertarian. You’re not ignorant.

      • You could say that. I once did say that, recently. I may as well have said “I have gonorrhea, want some?”, by the reactions I received. I live in the big O’s state and shouldn’t have been surprised.

        • Fuck Big O’s corrupt fucking mess of a state… that I’m answering this comment from right now. You’re good, don’t worry.

          • Hey, hey, take it easy on Illinois. There may be a lotta A-holes from there, but that ain’t the residents’ fault. Leastways, not those of us from Chicago and the ‘burbs! 😉

  4. A vote for fat chicks in spandex. All the rest is enough to make you cynical….

  5. The Elite of Just Alright Says:

    Rants, for the record, the electoral rule we use in these here United States (FPTP/plurality), makes a third party extremely unlikely and/or destined to always lose. Which is the same reason the Tea Party has not split off from the GOP.

    We have a two party system, it’s designed that way. A third party would never stand a chance at winning anything. It’s the price we pay for having our system the way it is.

    As an alternative, look at Britain’s parliamentary system in their House of Commons.

    • I see you’re on the right track, but do some research. The big two now have effectively raised the barriers to entry for new parties. That tells me new parties are a credible threat to them. To your other point, a new party wouldn’t have to necessarily win – it would just have to keep the rest honest.

      • The Elite of Just Alright Says:

        No, but statistically it’d be nearly impossible for any third party to gain traction because of the electoral rule. I’m not saying a third party wouldn’t be beneficial, but it’s chances would be slim at best.

        • It’s the legal and regulatory hurdles before any primary happens that bar entry, and then the “unseen” maneuvering afterward that you speak of just kills all initiative.

      • The Elite of Just Alright Says:

        And unfortunately neither party would be threatened by a new party enough that they would shape up. but that’s subjective.

        • I do disagree, because that is why the big two parties have built barriers to entry for new parties. That means they can feel the heat and have erected laws to shield themselves.

  6. First, thank you for your service to our Country. Second, I agree with what you wrote. I am 56 years old and I can’t begin to tell you how much the United States of America has changed for the worse over the last 50 years. It’s astounding. Liberalism has taken hold and we must fight like hell to loosen its destructive grip on our Nation.

    Hit up the following link and scroll down to “History and Travel Sites” in the right side bar. Once there click on “Charters of Freedom”. Here you’ll get first hand the words of our Founding Fathers and their vision of a then New Nation. What you’ll learn at CoF resembles today’s America in very few ways.

    Freedom ain’t free.

    God bless America!

  7. Government is a joke…it’s all a my dick is bigger than your dick contest…yet they all have tiny wieners.

  8. Here’s two classics, one that’s close to … well … whatever organ substitutes for a heart in your species. (“I think that’s MY line, stranger!” 😉 )
    First off, Congress (opposite of progress?) wants more Boeing C-17 cargo planes. Does the USAF want ’em? Nope. Army? Nope. Boeing? No, they’re busy with the 787 and some other stuff, thanks all the same. Nobody wants ’em – except the congressional representatives for Washington state.
    The other, from my current state of residence, raises the exact same question with your beloved M-1 Abrams. Army’s got enough, thanks. National Guard’s okay with theirs. Plenty of foreign order to keep the plant in Lima, Ohio running for a few years until the next round of upgrades might be needed. Nope – Congress is pushing BIG time for more M-1s.
    Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta go whistle up Archon and see if those adoption papers have gotten to him yet…. 😀

  9. I actually dropped my affiliation with any political party because I decided I don’t think representative democracy works on this large of a scale. I don’t have a better idea, but it doesn’t mean anything to me any more to sell my individual beliefs out for strength in numbers when the parties are so deeply corrupted and play this unending game of “Distraction.”

    “But you don’t get to vote in the primaries!” people have said. Yeah. Gosh. That’s a bummer. But I do get to have my own beliefs without feeling like I have to tow any line. I can have a couple libertarian thoughts and a couple socialist thoughts if I’m in the mood. And I don’t feel like I have to commit to an either/or limit on complicated issues!

  10. Bravo to you – I’m so tired of partisan politics on both sides, from newspapers, from the media, from everyone. I vote for who I think the best person is regardless of the party and hope that he/she will follow what they preach pre-election. Unfortunately more often than not they get into office and become a caricature.

  11. itsjustjaco Says:

    Such a great blog

  12. John E. can row across Lake Erie any time he wants. We’ll be waiting with open arms, and perhaps handcuffs if the RCMP spot him. But when he gets here we have three major parties. Number 3 can vote with either #1 or #2, and, like a good whore, will do so for whoever pays for the extras. This produces a government with policies mandated by the least popular, least capable party. Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-dumb are bad enough, but we are ruled by the Mad Hatter. As I said a year ago, maybe “Off with their heads time” is coming.

  13. I could say something, but everyone else has pretty much said what I think, so I’ll suffice to say Happy Memorial Day to you.

  14. I’m with you.

    We can’t afford any more stuff. WE CAN’T AFFORD ANY MORE STUFF. We need to stop spending $$ we don’t have and why the hell can’t anybody see that?

    The problem is that everybody SAYS they’ve had it, but when it comes down to pulling the trigger in the voting booth, they go with whomever gave THEM the most stuff.

  15. It seems like government has stopped working for anyone but the rich & powerful these days. I don’t know what to do about it, but I don’t like it.

  16. Sorry should say “And I don’t even get to have fun doing it!”

  17. I wish I could “like” this post more than once.

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