Okay, sure.  Accuse me of bandwagoning here and doing a Mother’s Day post.  But a quick check of my bio-RAM and the old Rants posts tells me I’ve never done one of these before.  So you can think what you like, I don’t care.

In brief consideration of the subject, I realized I’m lucky.  I’ve known a lot of other grown men whose mother-child experience left a lot to be desired.  Some have no mom to think about.  I do, and I’m further lucky in that she’s still around for me to call and say, “Hi” to for no apparent reason.  I’ve been called a mama’s boy before – so be it.  I love my mom.

So here’s thanks to the woman who did most of the work making me.  Thank you, Mom, for having so much love in you that you convinced Dad to take the plunge and have a second family.  Thank you for enduring the long labor I caused as I casually took my time being born.  Thank you, Mom for:

Putting up with my incessant little-kid questions, most of them “Why?”

Letting me always lick the bowl clean when you made my birthday cake’s icing.

Making me go to my room when I was bad.

Making me learn good habits.

Being the on-the-spot discipline shithammer, and breaking all those household implements and cooking utensils across my stupid, young ass… and for hurting every single time you had to do that and the strength to keep it up.

Putting good values in me by example.

Washing all my nasty sports equipment – I always had the whitest pants of the entire football team, even for practices.

Loving me even when I fucked everything up, which even 44 years later you continue to do without fail.

Silently bearing the worry and fear a mother has for a child who’s chosen the Army as his profession for 25 years and counting… and somehow managing to fit pride in there with it.

Putting all that awful, shitty kid art on the refrigerator.

Giving me a reason to respect women.

All the awesome, delicious food.

Showing me what real strength is.

Mom, I am your first child and you never, ever got anything wrong.  You managed to raise a man by somehow adding your touch to Dad’s just perfectly.

46 Responses to “Mom”

  1. Happy Mother’s Day Momma Rant.

  2. whiteladyinthehood Says:

    Perfect post.

  3. Nice post, Rants.

  4. Who knew you had such a soft side. Happy day momma rants!

  5. She sounds like an awesome mom. Happy Mother’s Day to her.

  6. Such a nice son – Happy Mother’s Day to Momma Rants!

  7. Beautiful Post Indeed …I love my mom 🙂

  8. I’ll make you a deal. I won’t accuse you of being a soppy romantic, if you don’t tell anyone I got a bit choked up by that. Deal? 😉
    I’d love to meet your mother, just to get to say “thanks” to an amazing lady who turned out a pretty dang amazing son. Any chance of a guest post? 😀

  9. well said…we are lucky

  10. I can figure out the cooking (maybe)…just, for Pete’s sake, get her recipe for the white pants! Baseball season in the red-clay South is hell.

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    I also like your blog that is full of great ideas. Please keep in touch. Cheers!

  12. Great post, Rants!

  13. Aw, Rants, you made me tear up! Your mama does sound like an amazing lady!

  14. You could have put up a half-dozen previous Mother’s Day posts, and I’m still glad you posted this one. An awesome son from an awesome mom, I get it. I ain’t quite as dumb as I look. I’m not gonna say “Momma’s boy” to a guy whose mom might be loading Rhino armor-piercers in his M9. She’d cut me off at the cake. 😀

  15. Good stuff – my mother passed away two years ago and Mother’s Day is still hard to get through sometimes.

  16. Your mom is obviously an awesome lady. Three cheers for Mama Rants!

  17. Man…if in twenty years my son felt like he could get behind writing a post like that for me I think it would be the proudest moment of my life. You’re a lucky guy, and she’s a lucky mom.

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