Surf Your Way Into Jail

TwinDaddy is a long-time blogger and the leader of a group of like-minded bloggers who write for Stuphblog. I noted the site because of the Star Wars theme, and the inner SciFi fan side of me had to investigate. 1Jaded1 made the formal introduction, and I signed up for his Be Our Guest frequent flyer program, and posted this today… Enjoy!

14 Responses to “Surf Your Way Into Jail”

  1. I freaking want a viking funneral! How do I get a membership card?!

  2. mrclaybanks Says:

    Yeah sounds kool.

  3. Well worth the trip over there

  4. Thank you for the guest post. It was very informative.

  5. (Sigh.) Great, MORE websites to check out. So, which tank are ya gonna pick me up in? I’d really LOVE an M-18 Hellcat! I’ve done both a Sherman and a Stuart, so unless you have a Panther tucked into your skivvies somewhere, I’m guessing it’ll be more likely one of them modern clunkers. Ah well, beggars, choosers, and all that. And since we both owe each other a “Welcome back”, which’ll just cancel each other out, I’ll just sign off with ___. 😉

    • The M1 Abrams is the finest killing machine made by man. You should be honored to sniff it’s exhaust.

      • Been there, done that, got the singed nose hairs to prove it. Sorry, best tank exhaust is from the M-5 Stuart, twin Cadillac V-8s. Best overall exhaust is from the P-47, wit that big radial belching smoke and unburned avgas as it starts. Pure perfume. No turbine, airplane or tank, makes as sweet a music or smell as pistons do. (That exhaust sniffing explains a lot, don’t it? 😉 )

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