Hey!  ‘Live’ from Kuwait, just a quick note to direct you to a new page of mine here at BrainRants.  Some of you might be interested in this shit, others not so much.  This is also accessible from the homepage.



10 Responses to “Swag”

  1. whiteladyinthehood Says:

    Hey – I don’t know if it is the auto-post function or WP just hates me, but I don’t get any of your posts in my reader any more, or your reply comments…(I expect better treatment from the Rant’s Army)

  2. Okay, now that you have an official army, you’re gonna have to assign ranks. (Keep me enlisted, PLEASE – no dang brass on my …. uniform!) I think “Senior Tech Sergeant, Domestic Interdiction Force” sounds pretty cool.

  3. I could be “Door Stop – First Class”, or “Technical Paperweight.” Even “PowerPoint Display Unit”, but it would have to be in Described Video. None of that I.E.D. Outdoors – Home Sweet Office!

  4. Nice design for the badge
    (Wish I could pack up some of the bacon treats from the Houston Rodeo – bacon is the big ingredient this year – couldn’t help but think of you) Stay safe

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