It’s Been Fun

If the scheduler function functions the way it ought, you’re reading this as I begin the mind-numbing process of getting my ranty ass back to Afghanistan, or The Suck, as I call it with such shallow and unfelt affection.

I’m reminded from this experience that the task of a daily blurb of entertainment for all of you is a challenge, but as always, the crafting of the words is truly only half the fun.  The comments, as always, provide the other fifty percent, and only you out there reading this can do that.  Speaking of, you’ll understand if my comment replies are a bit delayed.  I blame the Air Force.

– – – Paid Non-Political Rant – – –


– – – End Paid Non-Political Rant – – –

Sorry, it’s a full-time job keeping up with Senor de Email and his hyperactive army of zombie bot computers.  Of course, if the WordPress filters worked as advertised, you’d never hear me bitch.  Hint.  Nudge.

So I’ve re-included the funky little egg-timer thingy widget on my homepage to let you track when I arrive home, which is sometime in very early May.  I’d love to tell you that I’ll take up the challenge of daily posts when I do, but alas I cannot make that promise.  I’ll have some challenging things ahead of me upon return, and of course getting reintegrated back into my on-hold-for-a-year Army job.

Stay Ranty, my friends!


40 Responses to “It’s Been Fun”

  1. Stay safe, B.R., and hurry back super-soon from the suck-dome of the world. Hoping you have some time to stay in contact with us all while you’re over there helping the world while most of the world doesn’t want our help other than cash. Bet your looking forward to more pre-packaged meals, yum. 🙂

  2. It will be good to see you whenever you turn up, Rants.

    And remember folks, he doesn’t always rant, but when he does…Oh, who the hell am I kidding…

  3. Be safe! Just to piss off the masses…eat that ham hock thingie and fart your way back to grabassistan!

  4. Safe journeys, friend!

    …and do check in “live” when ya get there, wherever “there” is supposed to be. (Saturday? Sunday? a week from next Tuesday? – Oh, I hope not) 🙂

  5. It seems I never come a-visitin, but when you’re headed back out. Stay safe, and God bless.

  6. May the force of the bacon be with you!!
    And may you keep from losing your ALL of what sanity you have while in transit back to The Suck.

    All hail the final countdown and the safe return of Brainrants to full-time state-side rantiness…

  7. whiteladyinthehood Says:

    I hope everything works out okay for you, Rants! (you KNOW you will be missed – a lot!) Please stay safe.

  8. I salute you, sir (raises her smoked ham hock). Stay safe.

  9. Well, look at it this way. You get to miss the BS of sequesters, a new Pope, and whatever other idiocies the next three months have to bring. (Yes, I realise you’ll have your OWN little sets of BS to deal with. 😉 )
    Keep your powder dry, your head down, and your butt safe, not necessarily in that order. Don’t worry about the entertainment front, I’ll get off my fat ass and take up the slack. It’s the least I can do, sir. :p 😀

  10. Oh Rants, I’ll miss you! I have loved your daily contributions to the blogosphere. Stay safe! Keep your feet dry & clean.

  11. Keep the Rants coming from your tour. Be well!

  12. Ugh…and here I thought the tour was over. Best wishes,stay well…as well as you can, anyways.

  13. So glad that you’ll be back stateside soon. We’ll keep the beer cold for your glorious return!

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