Random Thought #52

Skeeve:  You fall off a tall building, and as you plummet to the the ground, your eyelid catches on a nail in the side of the building.



48 Responses to “Random Thought #52”

  1. Thank you. That was bizarre.

    I think the hardest part of picking a building to jump off of is to find one that is exactly one scream tall.
    Seriouslty, how embarrassing would it be to scream on the way down, then stop and have to take another breath? It would just take you out of the moment…

  2. What kind of shit are you drinking over there?

  3. Like Guaps I think you have to pick your building size carefully – not only do you want to make sure it is only 1 scream long – it needs to be high enough to make sure you get killed in the end. Otherwise, that ripped eyelid would be a bugger to deal with!

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