Cookin’ With Rants: Hocks And Beans

Hungry for some really awesome food that will stick to your ribs and put you in a carbohydrate-induced coma?  Try this recipe out, then.  This is pure down-home comfort, and surprisingly easy to make.

Even better, this dish is perfectly suited to a crock pot, one of my most favoritest kitchen implements.  Yes, the crock pot – router of the culinary milieu… to use a woodworking reference.  Yeah, sorry.  Anyway, use a fucking crock pot.  Mine is about a two quart one, pretty large, and has the various time/heat settings.

Here’s the ingredient list:

1 bag of dry white beans – these can be Great Northerns or Navy beans.

1/2 Onion – Cut up rough. I pan-fry them in beer until caramelized to add some flavor, often along with some of the pig flesh.  If calories aren’t a big concern for you, fry them in bacon grease.

1 big hunk of smoked pig – You can use neck bones, hocks or shanks.  If you’re using a large-ish piece like the shank, slice off most of the meat first.  No matter what, let the bones cook in there with this and fish them out later.  Also don’t remove the smoked skin – you don’t have to eat it, but it adds flavor and smooth texture just like the bones.

Spices – Watch the salt because smoked meat can be salty.  I usually go with pepper, and sometimes toss in some garlic.  However, this dish is fine with just pepper.

Method: All you do is rinse the beans and dump them in the crock pot.  Add the pig parts – remember, bones and all!  And then the onion.  Add water to cover the entire delightful mess and set to cook about eight hours.  Come home to a house that smells like “I want to climb in your stomach and make you full.”  It doesn’t get any easier than this.  After eight hours of crock party cooking, the meat will slide right off the bones.  Mash the big chunks into shreds or leave chunky – your preference.

This dish goes really well with or on top of cornbread, and for a side vegetable I would opt for greens of some kind, either mustard or collard variety.

Can I get an amen?

32 Responses to “Cookin’ With Rants: Hocks And Beans”

  1. Yum. I have a bag of 15 bean mix. Maybe I will sub that for the white beans since I have everything else. Today will be perfect for a pot of beans as the weather SUCKS!!! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂 Kat

  2. You had me at “hocks”…

  3. My mouth is watering! You had me at “pig parts”… (that sounds a bit more risque than I intended, oops!)
    This sounds like something my Mr. will love.

  4. Hocks? What exactly is that on a pig? Can we get that here in Canadia? Hmm…I’ll have to search this out some more…

    • Yeah, it’s a leg-part and very tasty. You can also use neck bones, or even just diced ham if that’s all you have. A pork roast or part of it would also do well.

  5. whiteladyinthehood Says:

    Yum.Yum.Yum. I would do the Great Northerns, with a left over piece of ham w/bone (I’ve looked at the hocks before, but they look kinda scary to me – I’m strange about meat) but I love the idea of caramelizing the onions and then adding them in! All I would need with this would be some home-made cornbread (baked in an iron skillet, of course)…amen…
    (btw, I cook your CFS about once every couple of months)

  6. You got my Amen!

  7. Nice!
    My wife is against slow cookers. She doesn’t trust them.

  8. Amen to smoked pork hock & bean. I add homemade chili, but I prefer my pottery bean casserole. Daughter gave me a Crockpot, but I have yet to use it.

    Maybe with the stew I will make next week, but then I have to remember to start it 8 hours before supper. Memory that’s the problem. Take care Rants…………

  9. Sounds awesome. I was slobbering a bit as read the recipe. Gotta break out the old crock and give this one a try.

  10. Remind me again – WHICH Southern swamp did they fish you out of? 😉

  11. That sounds incredibly fattening. Where does one get “pig parts”?

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