Rantionary: Reader-Provided Words #1

The whole Rantionary concept has really taken off.  In the tradition of my string of “That Guy” posts, where I elected to take fan-based suggestions and expound on them, I’ve thrown open the Rants tome of vile, naughty and off-color words to the ‘Notes’ page and left the pen resting on the parchment for all y’all.  Here are the (alphabetized and shit!) reader-provided submissions so far:

Dickshit: (Erickson) (n) A dickhead who has elevated brown-nosing to the next order of magnitude and keeps other protruding body parts firmly snugged against the posterior of their intended target; A person of brownnosing proclivity who engages in such activity for the express purpose of fucking someone over.

Douchelord: (Jamie) (n) A douchebag of such proportions that his or her status is elevated above that of a mere douche; Lord of all douchebags; a paragon of douchetasticness; Bieber.

Douchenozzle: (Audrey) (n) A douchebag of highly specific scope and purpose who possesses tool-ish qualities; The business-end of a douchebag, to wit, his piehole.

Morhead: (Benzeknees) (n) A person of such profound stupidity that ‘meathead’ and ‘moron’ individually cannot encompass the sheer fuckwittery shown by said individual.

Stay the hell tuned for the rest of the alphamotherfuckingbet.  We’re only up to “E” so far, a tantalizing five of twenty-six, which should be even better than Seven of Nine.  Don’t forget that if you’re a reader, you can submit!  Email, comment, or tweet (yeah, bitches, I’m on Twitter now)(@Brain_Rants) me your awesomesauce words.



40 Responses to “Rantionary: Reader-Provided Words #1”

  1. The Elite of Just Alright Says:

    Sempiternal. Duh.

  2. whiteladyinthehood Says:

    Good ones!

  3. I’d like to thank the Rants Army for supporting the use of the word Douchelord. I’d like to thank Brain Rants himself for helping to bring this important word into the world’s vernacular. I’d like to thank Justin Bieber for being a fine example of a douchelord. I’m just so honored to be in this category!

  4. Twenty-six letters may SOUND easy, but I’m really intrigued to see what you can manage with such Scrabble favourites as “Q”, “X”, and “Zed”. And I’m gonna warn ya ahead of time – you are NOT allowed to double-team me by coming up with something insulting for “J-for-John”. Creativity, people! (Hey, I’ve already gotta take the heat for being the homonym for toilet AND prostitute-client! 😯 )

  5. I’ve already used morhead in a post, I think.
    It shattered my illusion of Benze as a “nice girl”, while raising her in my esteem.

  6. Awesome. I learn something new everyday.

  7. I don’t know about X, but there’s one Q entry headed your way. How come Nohio Erickson gets to spell it Zed? Probably watched the M.I.B. trilogy. In case you missed it on my post, you can access http://www.surnamedb.com to check out where you came from. Later!

    • Paduan Erickson has no juice. I got your Daughter Unit’s “Q” suggestion, which sparked my entire post today! Ladyryl needs to work at this blogging more. She clearly learned (Learnt?) something from Dad.

  8. I was watching an old episode of Supernatural a few days ago & was surprised when they used the term “asshat!” I laughed at the TV because I had never heard it used except here before.
    May I also suggest “FOAD” for your alphabet. I think we’ve talked about this before & what it means. You’re right I’m not a nice person if you piss me off!!!

  9. Twatpopped. When Twitter virginity is lost.

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