Random Thought #51

Does anyone else find it odd that we’re allegedly the most advanced species on this planet but we’re forced to waste an entire third of our lives laying around in a state of unconsciousness?

18 Responses to “Random Thought #51”

  1. The Elite of Just Alright Says:

    I’ve always said if we didn’t have to sleep, I would be unstoppable..but if Erickson never slept…God save us all.

  2. But if we didn’t need sleep and have to weather the subsequent tired wakefulness, what use would we have had for coffee? And a world without coffee is sad indeed…

  3. not even a little bit. This place would be bat shit crazy without rest. (you know how I feel about sleep)

  4. I think I told you how out of it I was when I couldn’t sleep for 6 weeks. Unfortunately, our brains require rest to process all the things we’ve seen/heard during the day.
    Alternately, I think falling into the oblivion of sleep helps prepare us psychologically for the “ultimate end”.

    • It does our conscious minds, perhaps. But you know your brain doesn’t shut down when you sleep… well, mine might if one could argue that it functions at all.

  5. I’m just sorry that with all our technology, I’m limited to just a third for lying in bed asleep…

  6. But without sleep, where would we come up with such great ideas as warp drive, starship-mounted meson guns, steam-powered mecha suits, and all those other wonderful toys? Not that I dream about that stuff, mind you – most of mine consist of my effortlessly transforming from vehicle driver to bicycle pilot to walking to flying. Then again, with my drug regimen, that’s pretty dang tame…. đŸ˜€

  7. Sadly, too many we encounter, even vertical and mobile, are still unconscious….or maybe that’s just the drivers in my town.

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