Home: A Target

Well holy shit and dip me in cheese and call me a nacho.  Okay, so apparently the Earth just got dickslapped by a meteor of about ten tons.  I wish my meteor was in the ten-ton caliber, but to be honest, seven tons is plenty based on experience alone.

Yeah, so Rants comes home and BAM!! Meteor.  Look, people, what the fuck is going on?  I leave for a year and all y’all let some big-ass rock smack the Earth.  Now, it’s in Russia, I completely understand that people pretty much don’t give a fuck about the fact that someone else just took a money shot right in the face, and for no pay.

I love the MSM (LameStreamMedia) response: “How did scientists NOT know???”  Oh the fucking travesty, right?  Really, you expect a tiny group of American (because who else could possibly pull this off?) Trekkies to maintain a constant scan of every arc-second of sky out there to a depth of many light-minutes and give us all a great big-ass “hey, motherfucker, DUCK!!” warning.  You think that’s reasonable?

As a card-carrying American and very Ranty person, I have to ask the question, “WHAT THE FUCK-CHUNKS TO YOU DO YOU PEOPLE EXPECT?!?”

Seriously, people, what the hell to you really expect? We’re talking about a globe of three-dimensional space that extends out to at least the orbit of Jupiter, and in that all we expect a weather-esque report on how the status of our globe is going.  Yeah, right.  At the moment, the media would paint this as a great new government program from our supposedly-elected officials.  Fuck that, Mr. I-Have-A-Czar-For-That fucking elected government official.

I guess the message here is this: cut your fucking NASA funds back because you think that “publicly” that will seem like you are cutting extraneous government spending.  Those of us with operating brains will know it’s nothing but a ruse to cut halfs of percentages from budgets, which you will later inflate to the “B” (for ‘billions’) mark, making yourself look glorious and proud.


22 Responses to “Home: A Target”

  1. Good Morning, ‘Rants! (10am Saturday, here)

    Hey – I keep getting the “Error 404” page instead of “Home: A Target” – from every potential link I can find… Did you take it down already? (I hope not due to *bad news*!) … or did something glitch in the posting?

    Best Wishes and Bright Blessings to you and your comrades ~

    Karen J in Chicago

  2. whiteladyinthehood Says:

    Well, Nacho Man, you come home and a meteor slams Russia…I definitely smell a conspiracy (or maybe that’s the refried beans, which by the way, sounds really good …I’m not going to annoy you with a cookbook suggestion, though) because you’ve obviously set off the zombie apocalypse…

  3. I agree with WhiteLadyintheHood about the recipe book, especially your grilled or BBQ’s stuff! BTW, good plan with having the meteor smack into the other side of the world just when you come home!

  4. Oh, and the true wonder once the press got hold of the OTHER meteor that cruised over Cali. First Russia, then the big guy that shot past the South Pole, and then California streaking. Lawdie, lawdie, it be da end of da world! (What, you never read the part of the Bible where Jesus says “And you shall not know the hour of My coming, but I will come as a city kid chuckin’ rocks off the overpass!”? 😉 )
    I think we need to re-open that White House “Build The Death Star” petition….

  5. Might as well leave the election alone. From a Canadian perspective, the other choice was just as bad. And some Russki pol claims the meteor was an American secret weapon. I’ll tell you a secret Ivan. You haven’t mattered to the Americans since ’91.

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