Random Thought #50

Always step lightly through BrainRants’ garden. You have no idea what is just under the surface.

– – – – –

Yay! My fiftieth random thought!

18 Responses to “Random Thought #50”

  1. I have no idea what that’s a metaphor of.

    What brought the thought on?

  2. Or you can tread with a firmer foot and a proper tool for mixing the crap into the garden to grow bigger and better rants! lol

  3. so I shouldn’t go digging around in your yard. Are we going to find Hoffa? Because I thought John E knocked him off.

  4. So, you don’t want us messing in your stuff, right?

  5. 50 random thoughts….posted. I have random thoughts all the time. I just can’t keep them in my head long enough to write them down. Yay Rants!! 8)

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