Random Thought #49

One thing that will never happen:

A man looking at or thinking of boobs gets suddenly distracted… “Ooooh!  Squirrel!”


39 Responses to “Random Thought #49”

  1. Unless the squirrel has boobs

  2. But don’t squirrels have bushy tails? I thought guys also like tail?

  3. I thought the random thought was common knowledge.

  4. What if the guy sees a squirrel on the boobs?
    (I mean, not on a pay-site.)

  5. Ah, but you forget about the “other side of the fence” syndrome. You know, you’re thinking about 34Cs, and a set of 36DDs go by. Or vice versa – whatever grills your cheese! 😀

  6. I can’t decide if I’d be relieved or annoyed if a man did that after staring at my boobs. Now you’ve given me something to ponder.

    • Go with annoyed. Though we (men) ought not stare, all women should be proud of their boobs.

      • Not sure what we should be so proud of – boobs are genetic if they’re real. We don’t have much input into how they look. I think I would be happy to be comfortable with my boobs (as you say).

        • Keep in mind the male perspective: boobs are awesome.

          • Just because ours are bigger than yours?

          • Depends on the man you ask… I cite moobs as proof.

          • So, in all honesty, what is the attraction to boobs? Since when did a milk delivery system become sexy? Since I am very well endowed, they have been more of a pain to me than anything else. They make my back hurt, I can’t wear the “current” fashions because they aren’t made for women with large boobs. They came early & the boys teased me unmercifully, pulling my bra straps & trying to cop a feel. Even grown up men seem more interested in them than what is in my head. So I need to know, what is it?

          • They’re magic?

          • Personally, I think it’s a form of homesickness. Just like with the primary sexual organs of the female, we guys know we came from there, we’ve seen the ugliness of the world, and just want to go back! 😀

          • I’d say, ‘That’s deep,’ but suspect I’d get in trouble for that.

          • You & J.E. were probably just like the boys in the 5th Grade who were snapping my bra straps 15 times a day, getting me in trouble with teachers for cutting up in class. I got them though – the guy who sat behind me in Science class snapped my bra one too many times & I stood up, stood over him & yelled in his face “Will you just quit it!” The teacher, a male, came over rapped the kids knuckles with his yardstick, sent him to the principal’s office & moved him to another seat, putting a female student behind me for the rest of the year.

          • No, I never did that kind of thing as a kid. JE probably did, but not me.

          • I think I’ll call B.S. on that!

          • You’re choice, but I didn’t.

          • Nope, I never did that either. I was the one the girls came to for a shoulder to cry on, when their boyfriends or other guys were messing with them. Of course, once the tears stopped, so did most of the friendships – I just wasn’t “cool” enough. Story of my life, until I met my wife-to-be! 😀

          • And he snapped her bra straps…

          • Nope, just a few copped feels during backrubs. 😉

    • If it makes you feel better, Nora, I would give you my sole and undivided attention. Anything else would be just downright – LOOK AT THAT OLD VETTE! COOL!! – rude and ungentlemanly.

  7. LOL squirrels with boobs or boobs with squirresl sounds like fun :)…..I and my computer have both been receiving care and attention and I am pleased to say I can now read and comment again. Long may it last…….

  8. I’ve gotten distracted. By booty! I guess that’s cos I’m even more partial to those!

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