Visual X-Mas Aftermath

Captures my mood 97.632% of the time here:

Die, motherfucker!

Die, motherfucker!


29 Responses to “Visual X-Mas Aftermath”

  1. Shimoniac Says:

    Why do I get the feeling that you’re not in that good a mood the other 2.368% of the time?

  2. How many days left now?

  3. So is that any object that meets the requirements, or do you have a specific favorite?

  4. I just figured the remaining percentage was dropping the turds from 500 metres with a headshot. You know, like the old AT&T motto, “Reach Out And Touch Someone”? Nothing like a 5.56mm touch. Or a 50-cal, when you want to send the VERY best. 😉
    Ya know what? I envy you your location. Seriously. We got a beautiful, very thorough coating of ice this morning, then 3″ of snow, and now it’s raining and freezing again. Don’t suppose you know any FACs who could hit me with a napalm run? 😀

  5. Warrior Girl Says:

    Brainrant dude….insipid? Yes. I just hope you aren’t an ax murderer in real life….

  6. Happy, Thursday, December 27th. I have access to a real big sword. Need help.

    • Are you saying you need help with the sword, or you need backup while you’re using the sword? Either way, It’d be my pleasure to help! (And I come with my own blades – all sizes, 4-5″ bayonets all the way up to 54″ hand-and-a-half swords. 😀 )

    • Thanks, Granma. Big swords aren’t always best. Consider the katana…

  7. Is monkey shit easier or harder to get over there? Granma’s got two katanas and a rapier available to her, and not enough wrist strength to run any of them. Nice bandwidth. It’s like you’re coming out of the anesthetic.

  8. whiteladyinthehood Says:

    Can I substitute monkey shit for dog shit? (I may have to ring in the new year with this one…)

  9. Just dropping in to wish you Happy New Year. Hope the smiles continue!

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